Man alive. OSX is weird.

This is my first time typing on one of the stations in 305 that has switched to OSX and it’s just weird. I’ve used OSX before, but never really surfed the web on it. It’s insane how clear the text is. I mean, really insanely clear text. Add to it that I’m on one of the only stations with a monitor that isn’t completely screwed up and I feel like I’m wearing perfect prescription eyeglasses. Just a weird feeling to have something look good on the screens here for once. But when you roll over the icons at the bottom, they enlarge by like 400% and scare the crap out of you… well, me at least. I need to get out more.

So I’m out this morning with Vic Sr. (For those of you who don’t know him, he’s deaf and 81 years old. Nice old guy.) Here’s a snippet of the convo at Dunkin Donuts.

Him: Do you have a boyfriend?
Me: No, I don’t need one.
Him: How old are you?
Me: 25.
Him: 25?! Yeah, you need one.

Not only do I need to get out more, but it’s getting to the point that old, deaf people are telling me I need to get out more.

Egad! It was just there yesterday!

How does an unemployed person like myself manage to get a 2 hr long haircut on Newbury St? By being the guinea pig of a hair student learning to do layers. I’ve always been afraid of layers after a friend’s Super Cuts nightmare. It looks OK tho, just really shorter. Like 1/2 is gone. The instructor cut in here and there (I just made a pun! ha) and had a field day. I don’t think he was really looking at how much he was cutting off. Doesn’t look bad, but I can’t pull it back now. Falls in my face. He was a nice guy, but if he’d have called me “sweetie” or “cute” one more time, I’d have kicked him (while he wasn’t holding scissors, of course).

I found my gummy candies!!!

For those of you who haven’t tried them, try Kasugai gummy candies. These are the best things you can ever eat. They make a mess cause they’re one of those candy packages that has everything wrapped in something else that’s wrapped. Oh they’re so good tho. So if you ever find youself in a Japanese 7-11, buy many.

This was after an interesting day in service. We were on our way to my territory in Watertown. This is me, Becky, and Veronica who I just met today who is really nice. Anyway, we got lost in Cambridge. I relied on Mapquest. Nuff said. OK, so I’ll elaborate. We’re trying to get to Watertown in the easiest way possible. I know that the Sullivan Sq. area is in the right direction so we head there before I enter info into Mapquest. So it leads us on this interesting journey through Cambridge, but half the time Mapquest says “right” it means “left” and vice-versa. So after much time of driving around, we got very familiar with Kirkland Ave., which we drove up and down about 4 times in our quest for Watertown. Cambridge is just weird. Some streets have names that are so long that they have to print them in 24 pt type on the street signs, some one-way signs that have been bent so you can’t tell which street it belongs to, and most streets just don’t have street signs at all.

So anyway, long story short (too late), we never made it to Watertown. We did, however, make it to a friend’s house near Central Sq. the hard way where we thought we were picking someone up. It’d be great if it were that easy. Alas, though… apparently he doesn’t live there anymore. He moved a while ago.

So we leave Central Sq. en route to Porter Sq. We say “Hello” to Kirkland Ave. again. If anyone ever needs directions to Kirkland Ave., let me know.

We then stop for lunch at Porter Exchange. I never knew this place existed. Cute place. It’s this mall-ish thing in Porter Square where everything is Asian. I felt so out of place for a while, and then I thought, “Oh yeah. Nevermind.” We eat at this Japanese (?) place where I got stuff. It was good. The soup was odd. It was like I had to stir it every few seconds cause it would all congeal at the bottom like salad dressing, but looked more like saw dust in water.

It was just one of those surreal days. But then I found a little Japanese quicky mart that was just amusing. It sold most of the food stuff that I’ve seen on including the “Men’s Pocky” and the “Peach Collon.” Very amusing. I will be back. To top it all off, this charming little store had my gummy candies. And they didn’t hike the price when I got to the register like this one place in NY did. That just made my day. So the gummy candies tied this whole drawn out story together. That’s just how cool they are. You must buy them.

Oh, I think I get it.

OK, so I’m getting the hang of it. I guess I’ll use this thing to vent. So yes, I’m still unemployed. Just when I thought I couldn’t climb higher in the loser polls, I just started getting my unemployment checks and deferred my other student loan. Yay me. I’m now an official bum.

So today I got up in the a.m. for a change because I had an interview at Kennison & Associates, a staffing firm. I went in fairly optimistic cause this one job I was shooting for looked like I was over-qualified. I spend all of 15 min. max at this interview just to be told my resume is “too light,” experience-wise. Lovely.

Not wanting to waste the day, I walk around town applying everywhere. Well, not everywhere. I’m trying to avoid places I know my friends frequent. I walked into Espresso Royale by NU the other day, ready to ask if they were hiring. I caught myself in mid-sentence and mentally dopeslapped myself for even considering it. I believe my request came out as, “Hi. Are you guys… um… serving tea today?”

Yes, I want my cake and eat it too. Or as Beavis said, “I want my cake and eat his too.”

Just to show you how desperate I’ve become, I walked over to apply at Children’s Hospital. No, not to work with children. I’d rather be burned alive. There’s a webbish job there. I wonder if a tolerance or even love of children is a requirement to this job.

Anyway, so this is what the Little brown live journal will consist of for a while: me being unemployed trying to become employed. Not too interesting, but right now, it’s all I got.