Oh, I think I get it.

OK, so I’m getting the hang of it. I guess I’ll use this thing to vent. So yes, I’m still unemployed. Just when I thought I couldn’t climb higher in the loser polls, I just started getting my unemployment checks and deferred my other student loan. Yay me. I’m now an official bum.

So today I got up in the a.m. for a change because I had an interview at Kennison & Associates, a staffing firm. I went in fairly optimistic cause this one job I was shooting for looked like I was over-qualified. I spend all of 15 min. max at this interview just to be told my resume is “too light,” experience-wise. Lovely.

Not wanting to waste the day, I walk around town applying everywhere. Well, not everywhere. I’m trying to avoid places I know my friends frequent. I walked into Espresso Royale by NU the other day, ready to ask if they were hiring. I caught myself in mid-sentence and mentally dopeslapped myself for even considering it. I believe my request came out as, “Hi. Are you guys… um… serving tea today?”

Yes, I want my cake and eat it too. Or as Beavis said, “I want my cake and eat his too.”

Just to show you how desperate I’ve become, I walked over to apply at Children’s Hospital. No, not to work with children. I’d rather be burned alive. There’s a webbish job there. I wonder if a tolerance or even love of children is a requirement to this job.

Anyway, so this is what the Little brown live journal will consist of for a while: me being unemployed trying to become employed. Not too interesting, but right now, it’s all I got.

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