Just an odd feeling

Dunno if any of you can relate to this, but I figured I’d write it anyway. I feel like I just opened a time capsule. Way back when I was like 10, I had this kiddie desk in my room. When I cleaned my room to put my computer in, I moved it to my mom’s room cause she used it to stack stuff on. Being the lazy kid I was, I never got a chance to clean it out. I just put it off till later. All along it had been in my mom’s room where she kept stuff. So recently she moved it into the computer room and just right now I went through it to clean it.

There is stuff in there from when I was 6 years old. Holy crap. It’s just weird, the stuff I was into. (It’s all so clear why I was picked on in school.) It’s just the weirdest thing to go through stuff and read letters I got when I was 6 to 10.

Even weirder was that I turned my chair around to write this. I’m in kiddie mode back in the mid-80s and then I turn around to use the Internet. That was just weird. Very weird feeling. One minute I’m playing with my jacks and Alf cards and then I’m opening an IM window. Creepy.

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