I took some food, I added food, and it became FOOD!!!

I cooked tonight. I just ate what I cooked. I’m still alive to write this!

It’s good. Dilly showed me how to make this sausage thing. It’s better when she makes it. Something seems missing. (No, I didn’t forget the sausages.) It’s supposed to be this almost unbearably hot stuff, but it’s only just hot now. Go figure.

The whole process was comical tho. I think I added too much water to the cooking sausages. Halfway thru I started to bail it out so there are cups of grease around the stove. I knew I’d need some grease for the later steps but I didn’t remember having that much grease last time. Well, later it turns out, I did need the grease. Good thing I saved it. So then I poured the grease back into the food. As necessary as it was, it just looked gross to be adding cups of congealed grease to what you’re cooking.

All came out right for the most part. Just wish it were hotter.

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