Great idea, sir! Complain to the desktop publisher about SALES issues!

That’s what just happened. This random guy called on my line and started ranting. He said this girl Kimberly called. He didn’t know her last name but she was in sales. Then he said how he’s trying to get to an operator and he can’t get one. Then he started pushing buttons and rang my phone. He’s saying how screwed up the company is and how mismanaged we are.

I said, “Well, we probably are.” I informed him he couldn’t have found a more clueless, useless person to talk to than me. Not only am I NOT in sales but I don’t even know anyone IN sales. I just got hired here. I haven’t met even 1/4 of the people that work at this company not including anyone in the sales department. This is maybe only the 3rd outside call I’ve gotten at this company and I don’t even know how to use my phone to transfer calls. I could tell by now he felt kinda bad. I said I will try to put him on hold without disconnecting him but can’t guarantee anything, and I will walk up to the other side of the office and find someone who knows a Kimberly or else knows how to use the phones here.

I found a Kimberly’s extension. Dunno if that’s the right one, but whatever and then I tried to transfer him after warning him he’ll probably get disconnected.

So this was the highlight of my day.

Stupid things that annoy me

Here is one of my big pet peeves:
People who leave the remote(s) on the TV.

Putting the remote ANYWHERE (i.e. on the coffee table, the couch, the floor) is better than putting it right on or right next to the TV.

Does this not defeat the purpose of the remote? You sit down on the couch and feel around for the clicker and see it sitting on top of the TV which makes you have to get out of your comfy position and stand up and walk across the room, when in that case you can just manually turn on the TV now. >:(

This just happened to me.

Odd dream, again

Where are all these X-Men dreams coming from? I haven’t watched any X-Men related stuff in over a year. This dream was a couple nights ago. I know there’s a lot of the beginning of the dream I can’t remember that led up to other things.

The main thing I remember is that I was a mutant with like EVERYTHING powers. Even so, I was vulnerable to things like other mutant attacks. I was at my district convention which I was just at so I can see how that made it into the dream, except at this convention we had VIP sky box seats. Classy convention.

So I guess I was walking around the lower part of the auditorium where all the stairs and everything are made of cement which is one clear part of the dream. Here’s the part I can’t remember a lot about. This one other big mutant that was kind of like Juggernaut (sp?) crippled me somehow. In the dream I remembered it happening, but I don’t remember the details now. I guess I had beat him up somehow and rendered him temporarily incapacitated. The part I remember is when I’m talking to a friend who’s kind of like Iceman but not. He’s sitting on the cement steps. He’s sort of mad at me ’cause he heard me saying that he sucked in the past two movies which is true.

Then I just realized I was walking around without the use of my magic boots. The magic boots, which were like those puffy booty sneaker shoes you wear when you break your foot, helped me walk. So he tells me it’s ’cause Juggernaut is beat up and still hasn’t healed where kicked him in the side and left a big dent. When he heals, I’ll be crippled again. “Hmmm,” thinks I. “I need to get to where I need to be quickly, ’cause he’s going to heal soon, and if I don’t find my seat in the high sky box soon and he recovers, I’ll never be able to climb the stairs.” Ironically enough, I have been assigned to the handicapped sky box which was in the most inconvenient place. I had to do a lot of walking. It was very video game-ish. Get to your seat and sit down before your energy runs out and you become crippled again.

I got into my box finally and found other people who were also crippled in different ways, but I never bothered to ask how it happened.

By the time the dream ended, I was still walking OK. I kept my magic boots on just in case though. 🙂 I must’ve really beat Jug up well. Must’ve been one of those complex combo attacks that I’m incapable of in real life. Go me!

Venty like a Starbucks coffee.


First a little background. I’ve been driving a whole lot more lately in hopes to get my license this summer. This leads to another story of why I don’t have it yet. In short, no motivation.

And now for the long version. Some people get cars for their graduation or college graduation or get a car when they turn 16. I didn’t. Not bitter about that tho, seriously. But this just means, I am poor and can’t afford one myself. Each time I have the hopes of maybe getting one, something goes wrong, for instance my lay off in Dec. Therefore, whether I get my license or not, I’m still without transportation. Same thing either way = an unmotivated me.

Add to this non-motivation the fact that any effort I make involves being in a car with mother in tow. So let’s say my motivation level was at 0; now it’s plummeted into the ground.

Thing about my mother that results in a good 90% of our arguments is that she talks A LOT. Now, I know I do on occasion, and I have a lot of friends that do, but I swear this is really different. She is the most verbose person I have ever known; the kind of person that can’t answer a yes-or-no question in one word to save her life. Also the kind of person who, if allowed, will talk your ear off first thing in the morning, meaning 6 a.m. kind of early. And a good majority of what she has to say is about nothing. So for as long as I can remember, I’ve pointed these things out to her, for instance, don’t engage me in conversation about nothing early in the morning. After all these years, she just recently got it.

So as of recently I’ve been driving with Mom. After almost a year they finally got the little hooptie fixed. So I get to drive around in this casket on wheels with no AC and a front seat that’s left me with a bad back since I started driving it. So I prep myself before the first drive a few weeks ago. I try to tell her in the nicest way possible to not be obnoxious. Not in those words exactly. I explain it’s fine to tell me if I’m doing something wrong but I don’t want to talk about just nothing. It’ll just aggravate me and behind the wheel all cramped up and hot is the last place I want aggravation. So she gives me like a “hmmmf” kinda noise. Mind you, I have to explain this to her way in advance.

Sidenote: Strange how the golden rule doesn’t usually work in my house. The things I expect people to do to me seem to offend when I do it to them. Ex: If I’m talking and you’re not listening, please tell me so I can stop talking to no one. If I do that to Mom, she gets pissed.

Back to our story. So a few weeks ago, I start driving with her. Aside from the heat and the back cramps, it goes well. No disagreements. No verbal diarrhea. Nothing. So here I am thinking, this may actually work out. Weeks go by and she’s becoming the woman I know that I hate to drive with.

Here’s what happened yesterday that set me off. It was dim and raining lightly. I’m driving home from Bradford through Haverhill. (I forgot to mention that my little death mobile has headlights about as strong as a penlight.) My mother has bad night vision. Because of this, of course this must mean that I do too. I’m seeing just fine. The only problem that happens sometimes is that I can’t see the lines in the road ’cause they’re a bit faded, but I’m still on my half of the road. It’s raining lightly and she wants me to put on my wipers. I say, “No, because it’ll make things worse and I won’t be able to see.” It’s just sprinkling at this point. I quickly turn them on for a second to prove this and the windshield goes blurry ’cause there’s not enough rain. Oh and the wipers screech like nails on a chalkboard. So I’m like, “SEE?” and turn them off. After a little bit, it starts raining a little more but not like really raining. My mom is not happy that the wipers are not on to her satisfaction. I put them on, but really low so I could still see. (It’s nice to see when you’re driving at night.) All this time, she’s been dropping not-so-subtle hints about the wipers. “I don’t know how you can see.” “I still think you should turn them on higher.” “I always have them on higher when I’m driving.” “Hmmf, I still don’t know how you can see.” AHHHHHH ENOUGH!!

The more you’re irritated and picked on, the more mistakes you make (I almost took out a mailbox) which makes her think her argument is proven. And of course there’s no notice of how I drive fine when I’m not being badgered. I still remember when I was 16 and I just pulled over out of aggravation when she just wouldn’t leave me alone.

Today, I drove home from Bradford through Haverhill again. She likes to freak out when people cross in front of me even though they may not be anywhere near me and my foot is on the brake. She did that yesterday at Demoulas when a woman was crossing in the lot and I was a good distance from her with my foot on the brake and creeping up slowly. She’s about all the way crossed and Mom’s like, “She’s trying to cross!!” Anyway, today she’s not helping me drive at all. Just talking. “People get in accidents over here. I don’t know why. Blah blah blah….. “

Today wasn’t nearly as bad as yesterday but just irritating ’cause I was still chafing from yesterday. I’ve been planning all night yesterday and today to bring up the whole wiper thing and ask her to please leave me alone and let me drive as long as I’m driving well. But this is a task because everything offends her. This is a woman who can’t take constructive criticism. When I finally get home tonight, I think I’m going to drop it, but being rather miffed, I slightly overshot the driveway. Didn’t do anything wrong, just by a couple feet and had to cut the wheel tighter. She responds, “You overshot the driveway.” AHHHHHHH!!! THANK YOU, QUEEN OF OBVIOUS!!!

Then I park and just explain to her to talk a little less because it’s irritating. Of course she’s all offended and starts this whole thing. So I bring up the wiper thing and ask what’s the deal with that. She responds, “I couldn’t see.” Hello? I say, “Yeah, but I could.”

“I know, but I couldn’t.”
“What is more important? The driver or the passenger seeing?” (Here’s another thing. You ask her logical black & white questions and she doesn’t get it.)

She keeps responding with, “I don’t know how you could see.”

I repeat, “Would you rather see and have me not see?” to which she never answered. I must’ve repeated that a good 4 times. She says to drop it, which is usually the reply when she knows she has no other reply.

This results in one pissed of me. I got home and vented on the phone and got of the phone and vented on here. Fortunately, I actually have money now so I have the option to just pay for driving lessons from somewhere and seriously I’d rather spend the 20-something dollars to drive with some schmoe for an hour than lose my sanity and waste half an evening writing a book-length entry on LJ.

Don’t believe the hype.

I was just in the kitchen packing food for lunch tomorrow when I noticed my mom had one of those Ziploc tubs that they advertise as being better than Gladware because you can close it by just pressing the top with one finger. So, seeing as it’s 11:50pm and I have nothing to do, I was excited to try it.

THEY DON’T WORK!! Or at least this one doesn’t. If I pushed any harder, my finger would’ve gone thru the lid. So after several failed attempts, I finally resorted to using my whole hand to close the container.

I’m very disappointed.

“They’ve got a pepper bar!”

THIS is my first time eating a Quiznos sub!! OMG I’m addicted. I ordered a honey mustard chicken w/ bacon sub. Incredible. When I was waiting in line, I look over on the counter and saw little boxes with different kinds of peppers in them that read on the outside “Pepper Bar.” The little singing rodents were right! They do have a pepper bar!!! So that got the song playing in my head which made me laugh out loud which made people look at me like I’d just gone insane. Little do they know though, I already was insane.

What ever happened to those commercials?! Those were the best!!

Dreams, random dreams

Strange how the most random things you do during the day remind you of what you dream about the night before. I was walking to the mall for lunch and looked at some mulch on the ground and remembered last night’s dream.

I had a job with this other guy making tuffets in people’s lawns. If they felt like they needed one or were having a backyard party and wanted many, they’d call us and we’d come with our lawnmowers and mow little (or big) round tuffets into their lawn. This is quite the booming business which we are dominating. Word had since gotten around that we make the best tuffets in the business.

This is all I remember. I don’t remember doing a lot of jobs. I just remember this was our business and in my dream I made a nice one.

If only the real-life economy were so stable.

Random thought of the morning

I just happened to think of the time we made Teresa almost puke on the teacups (the ride) and thought how cool it would be if they made them as like furniture. Like instead of an armchair, you’d have a teacup (with a spinny wheel of course) in the middle of the room with a cushiony bench and that’s where you’d sit and chill. If you felt like spinning, you could.

This solves the problem we used to talk about in the lab about there not existing adult-size sit-n-spins. I imagine it could cost about as much as the average chair. How fun would this be?! So now I get the connection why I like the teacups so much, because they’re so like giant sit-n-spins.

I must’ve been dreaming about such things because when I woke up, this is the first thing I thought of.