Still on this Fraggle trip

Last night I was really getting into the whole Fraggle discovery I made online. So I figured I’d go rummaging through my old video tapes to look for Fraggles. Didn’t think I’d be successful, but I was wide awake and needed something to do. Incidentally, I noticed how video cassettes have lost weight over the years. Old tapes feel like they weigh 50% more than ones you buy now.

Anyway, I found 4 of my favorite episodes!! EEEEE!!! One was Boober’s Dream with Sidebottom! I didn’t really care for that episode before, but now it has more meaning since I’ve been having all these weird dreams lately. I could only do my best to remember that episode before, but now I can watch it!!!

This is becoming borderline creepy how into this I am, but last night I also searched around for song lyrics. They were good and some were kind of deep for a kiddie show. What ever happened to kiddie shows that were intelligent and made sense. They should so bring this show back or at least make them available on DVD. Well, they are, but in the UK in their stupid UK format. DOWN WITH UK FORMAT!!! We need another Revolution.

Anyway, so I’ve had this song stuck in my head until this morning when I woke up with Boober’s Dream song stuck in my head. 😛 If anyone remembers the one where Red was trying to find her song, you’ll appreciate it more.

I say, 1, 2, play me do.
Let me sound as sweet as you.
Play me wide.
Play me long.
Let me be your song.

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