Odd dream, again

Where are all these X-Men dreams coming from? I haven’t watched any X-Men related stuff in over a year. This dream was a couple nights ago. I know there’s a lot of the beginning of the dream I can’t remember that led up to other things.

The main thing I remember is that I was a mutant with like EVERYTHING powers. Even so, I was vulnerable to things like other mutant attacks. I was at my district convention which I was just at so I can see how that made it into the dream, except at this convention we had VIP sky box seats. Classy convention.

So I guess I was walking around the lower part of the auditorium where all the stairs and everything are made of cement which is one clear part of the dream. Here’s the part I can’t remember a lot about. This one other big mutant that was kind of like Juggernaut (sp?) crippled me somehow. In the dream I remembered it happening, but I don’t remember the details now. I guess I had beat him up somehow and rendered him temporarily incapacitated. The part I remember is when I’m talking to a friend who’s kind of like Iceman but not. He’s sitting on the cement steps. He’s sort of mad at me ’cause he heard me saying that he sucked in the past two movies which is true.

Then I just realized I was walking around without the use of my magic boots. The magic boots, which were like those puffy booty sneaker shoes you wear when you break your foot, helped me walk. So he tells me it’s ’cause Juggernaut is beat up and still hasn’t healed where kicked him in the side and left a big dent. When he heals, I’ll be crippled again. “Hmmm,” thinks I. “I need to get to where I need to be quickly, ’cause he’s going to heal soon, and if I don’t find my seat in the high sky box soon and he recovers, I’ll never be able to climb the stairs.” Ironically enough, I have been assigned to the handicapped sky box which was in the most inconvenient place. I had to do a lot of walking. It was very video game-ish. Get to your seat and sit down before your energy runs out and you become crippled again.

I got into my box finally and found other people who were also crippled in different ways, but I never bothered to ask how it happened.

By the time the dream ended, I was still walking OK. I kept my magic boots on just in case though. 🙂 I must’ve really beat Jug up well. Must’ve been one of those complex combo attacks that I’m incapable of in real life. Go me!

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