Great idea, sir! Complain to the desktop publisher about SALES issues!

That’s what just happened. This random guy called on my line and started ranting. He said this girl Kimberly called. He didn’t know her last name but she was in sales. Then he said how he’s trying to get to an operator and he can’t get one. Then he started pushing buttons and rang my phone. He’s saying how screwed up the company is and how mismanaged we are.

I said, “Well, we probably are.” I informed him he couldn’t have found a more clueless, useless person to talk to than me. Not only am I NOT in sales but I don’t even know anyone IN sales. I just got hired here. I haven’t met even 1/4 of the people that work at this company not including anyone in the sales department. This is maybe only the 3rd outside call I’ve gotten at this company and I don’t even know how to use my phone to transfer calls. I could tell by now he felt kinda bad. I said I will try to put him on hold without disconnecting him but can’t guarantee anything, and I will walk up to the other side of the office and find someone who knows a Kimberly or else knows how to use the phones here.

I found a Kimberly’s extension. Dunno if that’s the right one, but whatever and then I tried to transfer him after warning him he’ll probably get disconnected.

So this was the highlight of my day.

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