I honestly do NOT believe this.

I just got back from “lunch,” if you even wanna call it that.

So I’m doing nothing here at work and the day is dragging. I’m informed that my last day here is August 27th which I expected, but this all means I have to start job searching again which I’ve found to be more annoying that most anything.

Finally lunchtime rolls around. I’m STARVING. I turn around just to see that it’s raining outside. Not too bad, but still bad enough for me to see out our window. (Most of the time it’s raining so lightly that it’s not noticable out the window.) Do I stay or do I go? I go, because I’m hungry.

I change into my sneakers and off I trudge out to the mall food court. It’s raining steadily, but just enough to be refreshing. Any more and it would be annoying. I get to the mall and head to the ATM. OMG no I did NOT forget my wallet at the office!! I forgot my wallet at the office. &^(!&!@#^!!!! AHHHHHH!!!! So now I have to go allllll the way back and get my wallet and come allllllllll the way back here and get food. Is it worth the effort my lazy self would go through? Yes, because I’m hungry.

I walk toward the exit just to see BUCKETS upon BUCKETS pouring out of the sky. This is NOT happening. It’s happening. I wait in the vestibule impatiently for it to lighten up. Five minutes later, it’s not lightening up. If I had left right away, I’d be back by now. I let out a sigh loud enough for people within a 10 m radius to hear and start out walking. Do Burlington parking lots NOT have sewer drains?! Apparently, not cause I feel like I’m wading through a pond all the way back. Every step I take is literally over 2″ into water. Oh here’s a shallow spot… nope. Here’s one… nope. What the heck, my shoes by now are drowned so I might as well wade back to the office.

In the meantime, my skirt is drenched, showing through, and sticking to me. Sexy, I know.

And ya know, RIGHT before I left, I looked at my wallet on my desk and thought to myself, “I need to get money out in order to eat.” How the heck did I forget my wallet?!?! Also, right as I walked out the door I think, “Maybe I should change into my pants before I leave… Nah. It’s not that bad out.” I guess I should be glad that I at least brought my pants today. At least I have something dry to wear. Hopefully, no one chews me out for wearing jeans, but I’ve hung my soaked skirt over my chair as a hint to why I’m in the jeans to begin with.

Hopefully, my skirt dries before the meeting tonight. And no, I didn’t end up walking back to get food. I’m starving now and… OH. Nice. Real nice. I just looked behind me just to see that it’s stopped raining for the time being. Great.

Even so, I’m nice and DRY and comfy aside from being starving. I don’t dare try to gamble the only spare clothing I’ve got today. What a sucky day!!! Only in Kara’s world.

I think I’ll make popcorn now.

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