Dream. Dream away…

I woke up today with “#9 Dream” in my head. Trippy song if you’ve never heard it. This is odd ’cause my dream was more goth than anything. I haven’t dealt with anything goth nor trippy recently so I don’t know where this dream came from.

The setting was a mall, or what we called a mall in the dream but as I think about it now, it wasn’t really one. The whole place was metallic and black colored, looking like something out of a Tim Burton movie.

I’ll add details later as I remember them, but the one thing that tied this whole thing together was this freaky girl that kept following me and asking me to help her keep from trying to kill herself which she finds addicting. (Been there, done that. Guess she knew I had experience talking people out of suicide.)

The next day rolls along and she shows me her latest piece of work: wrapping her arms tightly in barbed wire. I look to see holes in her arms that looked like bullet holes in the side of a car. You know, with the kind of frayed edges and just an empty hole. There were several of these from where she loosed and repositioned the barbed wire.

I look at the holes, look up at her and ask, “Are you a droid?” to which she answered, “Yes.” I think to myself, “Why is this droid intent on killing herself in such bizarre ways when she could just yank her battery or something?” Whatever, though. A lot of stuff is fuzzy, but I think I managed to talk her into taking off the remaining barbed wire.

Somewhere in my dream also appeared a giant Reptar-like (if you watch Rugrats, you’d know what this is) puffed up dinosaur. I don’t know what it related to. I just remember her showing me another suicide attempt while it was in the background. Maybe more will come back to me later.

Hmmf. Weird. I much more prefer the X-Men dreams.

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