Aughh!! I swore I was going to bed right when I got home tonight, but I decided to wait up to buy something on eBay, an auction which I lost anyway and ended up doing a Buy It Now for the same thing. Crap, what a waste of my night.

On the lighter side, I’ve set my iPod up to play continuous Beatles in order from their first album to their last, and started it playing earlier today. Hours and hours of fun from “I Saw Her Standing There” to “Her Majesty,” not including the extra Anthologies, bargain mixes, Let It Be Naked, and Past Masters I and II which I’ve set up to come after all the normal albums. And I’ve found that George was right. Rubber Soul and Revolver really could have worked as a double album. I’m stopping it now at “Happiness is a Warm Gun,” so I can sleep. I’m reluctant to continue ’cause I know they’re going to break up in the end. .

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