Yesterday, I went on the much anticipated interview. Incidentally, thank you Meg for suggesting that I bring my Middler Year paper. That’s the kind of thing they were looking for. Stupid, I think, because they never told me what they were looking for. They actually said to bring a 1-3 page whatever that they see to see how my writing style is. That, to me, meant just what they said. They wanted to see my style, not my grammar accuracy.

I came prepared though. I brought some LJ entries for style, my poetry book “For Me, Inspite of Me” for creativity and layout, my Middler Year paper for serious-content formal stuff, and my last #3 talk for variety (and hopefully service time).

I listed everything I brought and she chose to look at my Middler Year and poetry book. She loved the poetry book. WEEEE!! Then she told me that she was mainly looking for correct spelling and grammar. Aren’t there tests for that?

I made it a point to tell her that I went searching through my attic late last night for this stuff ’cause I wasn’t given the instructions to bring something until like 3pm the day before. Her response was, “Oh, your attic sounds much cleaner than mine.” Uh huh… No, the point was not to brag about my attic. Whatever.

Very informative interview tho. I’ve never been at an interview where I’ve talked so much. I didn’t prepare; just winged it. I’m not gonna act like someone I’m not, all formal and stuff.

She volunteered info on what I was up against, which was a first. There were like a million resumes received. Out of those, they picked a chunk to phone interview. (Good thing I answered my phone last week.) Out of the chunk of phone interviews, they picked six to come in. This is where I am now. She said next they’ll pick out 2 of the 6. I feel like I’m on some sort of sick reality show. Wait, that was redundant. I feel like I’m on some sort of reality show.

Here were some good things about the interview and the place. It’s pretty much the same as Linkage (where I am now). Same general thing with the coaching guides and what not, but at Novations (where I’m interviewing) they use Quark. Score a point there. She asked good questions. First time I was really asked to thoroughly explain the work I presented. Before I showed her my writings, I showed her the photo book I laid out to show design. If I hadn’t brought that as well as other printed things, I’d have been screwed as she had never looked at my website. mmf.

Here’s what bothered me about everything. I was like comfy, but not. I was trying to treat it like a conversation, but it felt like the whole time she was studying me. Yes, I know that’s what the interviewer is supposed to do, but I was trying to make it all fun (but not ridiculously fun) and she seemed to just watch and listen. I know what you’re thinking. Sarcastically, “Oh, God forbid she listen to you,” but really she was asking a question and I felt like I was goin on forever without any nods or “uh huh” or stuff. Maybe it’s just ’cause I’m used to the laid back convos at work now with people as crazy as me, but this was weird. It was a LONG interview, too. I feel like this woman knows my whole life story.

Among the things I covered were the workshops I taught and how I taught them, past/present clients, team projects, past/present jobs, etc. I know this all seems like the norm, but it seemed like I was pulling something my mother would do and ramble on and on with no goal to what I was saying. I hate when people do that and I felt myself doing it, but it was what she wanted I guess. For instance, once I covered a question about the Quark workshop I taught and she asked me more about it. She asked pretty much the same question worded differently, so I answered with the same answer worded differently. She didn’t look like she was bored or anything so that’s good.

Another example is she asked what I liked about something, like a past job, for instance. I told her. Then she said, “What else… what else… ” That’s what I mean.

Oh, it was funny when I dissed one of their books. She asked what I’d change, so I was honest. “Fix the kerning, change the font, What’s with the huge page number size?, What’s with the inconsistent leading?, stop stealing sheep!… Did you read that book?”

“No,” says she.

“Yeah… you should read it.”

By now I’m realizing that my foot is so far down my throat that it’s starting to come out my other end, but hey, she asked. The book was awful and I didn’t say half of what I could’ve. Oh, I remember. I started off asking if the font was loaded. She said, “Yes.” I said, “Looks otherwise.” There was this weird sans serif font all crammed together in some places and spread apart in other places, letters all messed up even in the same word.

I can’t lie. The reason they want a designer is to fix things like this. Quite frankly, it needed to just be trashed and started freshly. So we’ll see where I stand in a couple weeks. I think I’m gonna be hearing crickets instead of a phone ring. She said it’s gonna take a couple weeks for a possible 3rd interview, thanks again to the stupid DNC.

So I don’t know about this. It definitely wasn’t a bad interview; just weird. But then again, the Linkage interview was weird in that it was the shortest interview I’d ever been on and I got the job here, so who knows.

To be continued in a few weeks. In the meantime, I’ll rant about non-related things.

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