The untouchable kitchen

My parents are on this redecorating kick. Everything is being made new. They got a new stove, toaster, etc. This means that I can’t abuse things like I used to. I can’t throw spoons on the stove, etc. That’s all fine, but my mom freaks out when I even sit a plastic cup on the stove. It’s one of those glass top stoves that she polishes obsessively. She even got a couple different bottles of “stove surface cleaner” which is probably nothing more than Windex in a smaller bottle and three times as much money.

Most of you have seen my house. The kitchen is this woody kind of… woody place. Dark wood trim, dark wood cabinets. You know—woody. Log cabinish but not quite. Anyway, in comes this 21st century style stuff. Black glass stove, silver and black toaster and stuff. On a sidenote, I swear my parents have the least sense of style of anyone I know, and for ME to say that, it’s something. For instance, in order to keep the cold air in the family room where the only AC lives, they tacked up this Pepto Bismol pink sheet to the opening of the room. Soooo hideous. At least after much complaining from me, they changed it to a navy blue sheet. A million times better.

So back to the story. The kitchen now looks like part Jetsons, part hillbilly. And then there’s another part. My mom is starting to become the typical tacky Italian decorator. The table cloth and centerpiece are this loud yellow and blue motif with the centerpiece reading “ITALIANA” in big letters across it. It looks terrible.

And right now I’m trying to search through this untouchable kitchen for some sort of food and all I see is fruit. In the matching fruit bowl there are over a dozen plums. There are blackberries and strawberries in the fridge. This is like the anti-Atkins diet. Oh well. I think I’ll just go to bed semi-hungry. I wanted to write more, but I’m really tired so I’ll continue tomorrow.

(no subject)

Shark Week’s coming soon! I’m so excited. More attacks. They’re featuring this woman who got her attack on tape. Much more graphic than last year. Last year, this guy got attacked and you really didn’t see anything. Dumb shark made a wall of bubbles thus acting as a natural censor box. Dagnabbit. The rest of it last year was good tho. They unpacked the whole scenario to see how they attack and what to do if attacked. But it did get monotonous to watch the same 10 second footage played like 20 times in an hour span.

And it’s conveniently falling on DNC week when I’ll actually have something to do now.

Very very cool

Just got my Palm keyboard the other day and installed it this morning. The thing is truly phat. Has all the Palm commands built in. Doesn’t need to be configured. Even has a special “send” button for AIM. Only problem is the Palm connector is hooked up to the keyboard and there isn’t a way to plug in the keyboard if you want, so I can’t leave AIM idle while it’s sitting on it, ’cause the Palm will go off automatically. This is cool tho if I’m having an extended convo on IM or I’m writing an LJ entry. WEEEEE!!!

Funny tho. It looks like a makeshift laptop. I don’t have a laptop but I have an “almost-laptop.” Kinda like those stupid Honda Del Sol cars. It’s almost a convertible, but not quite. (I hate those cars.)

An actual nice weekend

It’s been a long time since I’ve had a nice weekend like this; just a chill, stressless weekend without a schedule ruling it. Usually my weekends are either beyond boring, completely stressful, or I’m doing some crazy, planned, vacationish activity that saps all the life out of me.

So it was good. Just good, which is actually great. One of those weekends I wanted to do something, but not DO SOMETHING; like nothing over the top. This is a good thing seeing as during the weekends for the rest of this and next month I’m scheduled to DO SOMETHING. Next week is Six Flags, for example.

Oh, and I ate yesterday and today. It’s been a while since I’ve actually eaten things; like regular-size meals as opposed to chips and stuff. No, I’m not pulling a Mary Kate Olsen, but most of the time I just forget to eat or there’s no time, and by the time I realize I’m starving, it’s time for bed and my exhaustion usually rules over my hunger.

I guess this means that after a good weekend, I’m destined to have a bad few weeks at work. Oh well. It goes. I just hope I get called for an interview this week like the lady promised last week. Hope hope hope.

Holy crap

People are actually calling me for jobs. This is unusual. Last time I started applying, it was like a month before people replied if they replied at all. For instance, I’m still getting rejection postcards for places I applied to back in December. How’s that for efficient companies?

Well, today I got two calls. One was a random place that I never even applied to. The other was one that I applied to at Of course, this means that I probably won’t get this one since they’ve probably gotten like a million resumes, but it’s exciting that they’re actually calling me. WEEEE!!

This makes for a happy Friday. I shouldn’t count my chickens so soon tho. I still have 3+ more hours of Friday to go.

SOMEONE raped my chips

Wednesday, I went to Chili’s for lunch with some friends here. The poor waiter really screwed us. We weren’t mad tho. He knew he messed up and felt bad and overall, I felt bad for him. First, we waited FOREVER for our food, as in people coming in after us are finishing and paying their bill before we even got our food. It’s all good tho. No hurry to get back to work as it was dead at the office.

It was funny. At the end, the guy was so confused, when he came to give us the bill, he starts off saying, “Would you like a few more minutes?… oh… I mean, here’s your bill.” He took off the price for the drinks and everything and gave us some chips and salsa to go. Nice guy. Then he’s like, “Have a good morning… OH, I mean afternoon.” Poor guy. I can totally relate to the whole making more of a mistake than it really is and thus making yourself look worse.

Anyway, we’ve got this nice sealed bag of Chili’s tortillas and salsa. I intentionally saved them for Friday (today) to end off my week with yummy things. I came in today to see the bag ripped open, completely molested, and not even closed back up! RRRAARRRRR!!!!!!! Lori told me that people do this here sometimes. She had a new bag of Doritos that someone just took the liberty of ripping open and leaving there on her desk.

I’m not stingy with my food or anything. I just like to know when people do it and at least WHO is doing it. I’ve heard stuff around here that a good percent of the people here do NOT wash their hands after using the bathroom. Mfff. Grossness.