Oh, right. I have a LiveJournal. Forgotten things like this surface when I have not much else occupying me. And today, my TV died. I’m also sick and been inside all day. Oh, look. The LiveJournal.

Been sick all last week and through today. I guess my poor 10+-year-old TV couldn’t take all the binge watching that’s been going on because it finally blew, literally. I was in the middle of Sportscenter when I heard a loud snap, and the picture died. Audio’s still going without skipping a beat, but the TV no longer has a picture. Even with the TV on without the cable box, I’m not seeing any volume or control settings.

Googled around a bit and the conclusion is somewhere between a blown fuse, y-sustain, z-sustain, and control board. Saw some ways to fix these, but I’m way lazier than I am cheap, so it’s time to buy a new TV. Been wanting to for a while anyway. It’s over 10 years old. I remember buying it at Circuit City for a buttload of money at the time. For what I paid for this 42″ plasma in 2005, I could get more than a couple of them now.

I was at Paul’s TV killing time last year and was just starting to familiarize myself with the new technology that’s come to the television set. It was pretty interesting. Called them today to see if they offer repairs and I’ve found that all locations of Paul’s TVs have a contact phone number but none get answered. Judging by their odd Web site among other things, I’m thinking I won’t be using them or buying there. They don’t seem like a reliable place. (Not like Circuit City was either, but… )

After bouncing around and looking for repair estimates from whatever places I could find on a Sunday (Why do these things always happen on weekends?), I was finally like, what am I doing? Just buy a new one. It’s time.

This TV was nice in my last apt where it fit its little area perfectly. When I moved, the large living room kinda dwarfed it. I’m getting one a little bigger and now also have to get a new stand. It’s in the budget. I just won’t be buying a new iPad now. Wah wahhh. That’ll have to wait.

I’ve found that I shop for TVs like I look for work. It takes things like this to get me moving. I don’t look for jobs till I have none. I don’t shop for TVs till I have none. (I do still have a job, so I guess if I have to be looking for something, I don’t mind it being a TV.)

TV shopping is actually fun. Learning about how 1080p is so 2000s, and 2010s are all about the 2160p and 4k and smart TVs and TV sticks and futureproof and blah blah blah. I’m trying not to go nuts. If I look at everything I see, I’ll be wembling about this for weeks. I found a couple models I’m interested in and stuck to comparing those. I went back and forth with sizes and talked myself out of ludicrously huge TVs. (88″? Really?) So I’ll go to Best Buy (Yes, unfortunately, they really are the lowest price for what I want), and check out just these ones I’ve narrowed it to and not look at everything else and talk myself up.

Getting a new TV stand at Bernie and Phyl’s to match the rest of my furniture set.

Now have to see if I can get delivery on a weekend because if I miss any more work after last week, they’ll probably kill me.

And that’s that. New shinies. A blogable event.