I’m enjoying moving my posts over more than I thought I would. I’m making good headway with 2004. One down and 15 years to go.

Plan for today was to go on a Bible study in Lawrence. No meeting because assembly tomorrow. So I had to make a special trip up to Lawrence from home. Got up, got dressed, out the door and two exits up 495 the study cancels. Urge to kill rising.

Get home and have nothing to do today. So let’s get started on moving some of these posts over with the full day of nothing I have planned. Turn on the Dirty Jobs marathon and get copying.

Like I mentioned the other day, a lot of these posts are nothing more than a couple sentences about an uninteresting, unimportant whatever that was happening at that moment. But it is interesting to see how different/the same I was back then. I shared a lot. Some of these posts, if I saw someone post something like that now on FB, I’d be thinking, “Seriously? Who cares?” But we did at the time. A lot of these ‘nothing’ posts are followed by comments and dialogue by my friends at the time who did care and typically posted the same kinds of stuff.

I’d hit ‘Post to aswad’ and then never look back at the things I wrote except on occasion when I’m looking for some specific long rant that I want to send someone (i.e. birds in AC). But these other little nothing posts are the ones I’m finding most amusing—like a time capsule containing my old technology obsessions, job happenings, and my transition from Fenway to ASL among many things. These are the ones I’ve been reading more of today as I copy, not so much the long ones that I don’t have time for. I came across one where Kathleen commented something about her VCR remote and “taping” something. There are tons of posts about my Palm Pilot which I was in love with and to this day I think was, pound-for-pound, my fav piece of tech ever. And then posts that expressed how irritated I was at something that was really nothing.

This whole process is making me want to write more. I’m really glad I wrote all this stuff, as ridiculous as most of it is. Looking back, I see how clueless I was regarding SO many things.

So now I have to get myself to do it again. But this time there’s no friends list. No one to tag or tell stories for the purpose of keeping up with me because, again, “Seriously? Who cares?” But I will, 15 years from now, looking back, if the system goes on that long.

With all that in mind, I updated my FPO blog title “Happenings” to a more permanent title “For me, in spite of me,” a line I’ve used on anything from my contemporary poetry final to a free photo book I made from Adorama.

So, here. Welcome to my updated blog, me. Thank you. You’re welcome.

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