Live. Oy.

I’ve made a live link on my site that points to this now. So now people can find it. o_O

I’ve been working more than usual (meaning I’m working at all) on my poor, outdated, sorely-neglected portfolio site. Sad thing is, it’s been 98ish% done for years, but the things that made it not done I didn’t want to deal with.

It’s amazing how one misplaced DIV tag can eat up an entire weekend.

Even more amazing that I stumbled across that tag error randomly without even looking for it tonight. So now my footer is aligned.

I’ve been just scrambling to get it all done and force myself to face that even though it’s pretty awful, it’s better than its predecessor. And I just need to focus on the fact that it works and no links are broken. Forget that the last time I was completely invested in updating it was years ago and now that update is outdated.

Whatever. It works-ish. I still need to simplify. A lot. It’s like a hoarder’s house of a portfolio.

I don’t have enough interesting social media that I’m willing to put out there so I didn’t have much of a social footer. Hence why this blog link went live. I needed another button. Needed to take out the Youtube one because any potential employer/client doesn’t need to see me racing down the hallways of Ryder Hall in a rolly chair trying to stay awake.

I had a link to the LiveJournal, but no. This is a little safer. Still working at moving stories over from the LJ. Selectively.