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Captain’s blog:

Whatever doesn’t kill me will only make me stronger.

I’m exhausted. But I’m reluctant to go to sleep as I have been having the most freakish dreams lately. They’re not even the kind where I wake up in a cold sweat all scared and stuff. They’re the kind I don’t recall until later in the day and then I freak out at the fact that I dream of these things. I wrote about last night’s series of oddities in my paper journal which I will copy onto here later on when I have more time ’cause it is pages long.

The other complaint I have is that ASL is driving me nuts. I’m at the point where I understand words like nouns and stuff like “cat” and “dog,” but stuff like prepositions and verbs all don’t make sense to me. My grammar is terrible. Some sentences you’re supposed to turn upside-down to make sense and yet others you’re not. I don’t know where the exceptions to the rules apply. There’s like one sign for a dozen different words and people manage to make a distinction between each one, but when I do it, I can’t seem to display that distinction. Rant rant rant yadda yadda yadda.

So I ranted to Melanie about all this tonight. I came to the same conclusion that I always do after ranting to myself. I can’t turn back now. I think even if I wanted to, I couldn’t. I’m in that stuck phase where my English sucks almost as much as my signing. I can’t comment in English anymore without flailing my hands and unconjugating my verbs. My WT library consists of tons of videos and DVDs now. My study habits are different.

Melanie said that when you join ASL, it’s like you’re a missionary except without the “glamour” if you wanna call it that, or should I say recognition. I told her I knew it was very much a commitment, and I knew when I started it there was really no turning back, at least for me anyway. That’s why it took me nearly two years to make up my mind to join. I really didn’t want the commitment.

The other thing she said was that you have to deal with getting somewhat less encouragement than in a normal hall. I never thought of that, but it’s true. You’re joining to encourage others. If you come into it hoping to be encouraged, then you’re gonna be disappointed.

It’s annoying because people have complaints and are leaving because of some of these things and I don’t really know what to say in return. My reasoning is just that I don’t want to kill myself learning something new just to quit.

So there’s my rant. I’m still in ASL, but other people may not be for long which is frustrating, but we’ll see what happens.

“My Long Weekend” by Kara Glinnen

I guess any of you that would appreciate this already know everything about my Thurs-Sun afternoon things. No sense much of elaborating as there is not much to elaborate.

Simply put, it was an eventful weekend in NJ. When is it not? Gets more “interesting” each time I go. I found it ironic that normally CT is where all the interesting drama happens and this weekend I actually had to escape to CT to flee the drama.

Man, I really really really really x infinity hate NJ. The entire state should have giant boards nailed over it with a CONDEMNED sign hung over it. Auughhh. Everything smells bad. You pahk the cah and get out and just run to your indoor destination while holding your breath all the way there. Wasn’t even garbage day. I’d hate to smell it ON garbage day.

So now I’m at work and paying for the lack of sleep this weekend. Here is what I got for sleep. Thurs. night: 2:30am-6:30am, Fri. night: 1am-6:30am, Sat. night, 3:30am-6:30am. And the glutton for punishment I am went to Six Flags NJ on Sunday night and got home (away from home) at around 1:30ish I think and watched ASL stuff until I can’t remember when. Got up around 10ish and vented to poor Nancy for about an hour while she searched high and low for her knitting needles. (Paul, did she ever find them?) I’m happy to say with the no sleep I got, I was awake during the whole convention (I think). Easier to pay attention than the hearing conventions. I think then I’d have fallen asleep a long time ago.

And incidentally, the convention was amazing. Much better than last year as I can understand everything now. I can honestly say it was worth all the crap that I went through. That’s how good it was. If it weren’t for the convention, this could easily have ranked in the top 10 “Kill-me” weekends of my life. Also, thank you to Paul and fam for taking me out of NJ and into CT. You are so Moses.

After that, we did what we usually do in Hamden: We leave Hamden to go to a more interesting place. The agenda was to go to Hartford and get my bus ticket and then head out to Manchester where there’s a good variety of places to eat. Funny thing is we got lost the same way we did last time we tried to get from Hartford to Manchester, so everything looked wrongly familiar.

We finally found our way and noticed a new restaurant near the mall called Red Robin. DO NOT ever go to Red Robin. OK I guess I should be happy that I didn’t get food poisoning (yet) which would be worst case scenario. A couple things looked good on the menu. It was hard to decide, but I finally gave into my cravings of a “gourmet” BBQ burger. Now, when you think of the typical BBQ burger at your average grill restaurant (i.e. Applebees, TGIFridays, the 99, etc.), what do you think of? Dunno about you but I picture a burger just drenched in BBQ sauce that’s difficult to eat without getting it all over yourself. Add lettuce, tomato, cheese, etc. So here come the burgers. Where is the BBQ sauce? They must’ve gotten it wrong. But Kumal ordered the same thing as me and he got no sauce either. What’s up with that?!!? I guess that’s their definition of it? I say, “They so made this wrong!” Kumal: “Sad thing is, they made it right.” So both of us hate the place. We are not happy with the burger. Blah! I could’ve ordered the pasta like I wanted, but then again who knows how they could’ve screwed that up, too.

I made the bad choice of drinking with a completely empty stomach and half dead from the weekend. After the meal, I was dead. I actually slept on the bus and I can never manage to do that. I sat down and was out until we pulled into South Station.

Then I got home and stayed up until 3:30am ’cause I had just gone 4+ days without Internet and had to make up for lost time. Now I’m sitting at work and COMPLETELY vegetable-ized. 😛

What has happened to my English?

This weekend has totally killed me. It’s amazing how sitting and reading for three days in a row can be more exhausting than most active days. Partly it was because my mom insisted to leave the house at 6 every morning. Saturday we left at 6:15am, got delayed a few times on the way, and still got there 1/2 hour before the Civic Center opened. So of course, I’m thinking Sunday we can leave a little later. Nope. She wants to leave exactly at 6. I’m surprised I stayed awake the whole time.

The idea for this past weekend was to go to an English convention so I would get more out of it than my ASL one next month. Oh how wrong I was. I’ve noticed lately that my mind has been wandering whenever I go to English meetings now, but I figured I’d be able to pay attention more at the convention. Not really, though. I was taking notes, but my mind was totally in a different place.

For instance, here’s what I got out of yesterday. They had us look up Acts 22:2,3 which in part reads in the NWT, … they kept all the more silent, and he said:) “I am a Jew, born in Tarsus… “ So from that point, all I noticed was that it contained one of these 🙂. The book of Acts contains smileys.

Here’s a funny thing that happened today. I was sitting by some people at lunch who looked like they wanted to talk to me. I’m half dead so I’m like, “Oh no,” but I deal. The three are looking my way and one says, “I’m from the Concord, NH cong.” I’m like, “Oh that’s nice,” and proceed to tell them I’m in ASL. I ask if they know a few other JWs in Concord who were in my hall and they said, “No,” then they said, “Yes.” They just looked really confused. All in all, I talked for about a minute and a half about how I was in the Malden ASL hall and that I knew some deaf JWs in Concord. They reply with, “So, you’re in the Chinese congregation?” I give them an almost why-do-I-even-try look and say, “Sure.”

I should’ve known. It happens almost every year.

I’m not lovin’ it.

This is a bit late, but I finally got the card reader driver loaded so I could load the picture.

So, last week, against my better judgment, I ate at McDonald’s. Actually, it’s was Elenora’s choice.

(Sidenote here: Elenora is deaf-blind. Deaf-blind means you touch everything. You touch EVERYTHING. If you remotely know me, you can probably guess how much I like this :/ )

Back to the story. She wants nothing to do with Boston Market. Because it’s dirty? No, no. Because they ran out of a certain dish an hour before they closed last time she was there. For that they are the devil, and for that we have to subject ourselves to the pit that is McDonald’s.

So I order my fries (only small thank god). I finish my fries. Lunch is over and Becky, who has the endurance of Job, takes Elenora to the bathroom where she can touch everything in sight and then touch her. I did it once. Any guesses why that was my only time? The best thing is that you have to touch her in order to tell her not to touch you.

Anyway, as Becky is waiting for her, she glances into the waste receptical. What does she see but an opened enema box!!!


  1. That SOMEONE administered their, or lord help us, someone else’s enema in a Mickey D’s bathroom. A MICKEY D’S BATHROOM!!!! Of course, I assume the worst. It was probably an employee who forgot to wash their hands and I just finished eating. (Excuse me while I hurl at the thought.)
  2. That Person X carries around enemas incase of emergencies.
    Now, I’ve heard of people carrying around Tums, asprin, pads, what have you incase of emergencies. But ENEMAS? Who here carries enemas with them? And a three-pack at that?!?! Any hands? I didn’t think so. From what I gather, they aren’t exactly purse-sized. Person X carries around a three-pack of enemas. Person X has issues.
  3. Another distinct possiblility is, notice the Walgreen’s box. (Nothing but the best for her butt.) Perhaps she took a quick run to Walgreen’s around the corner, found the nearest McD’s and emptied all three.

Whatever the scenario, they’re all equally disgusting.

For all my homies who are taking notes, this is the McDonald’s on Broadway in Malden.

Oh… and yes, I had to go back in again with my digital and record it, hoping people didn’t think I was crazy.

Laughing at the expense of a car accident victim

Today, I was out with AJ and Howard and we were driving down Longwood where all the hospitals are and AJ just randomly said, “This would be the best place to get hit by a car.” HAHA funny.

So the day goes on and we go out to eat (Never eat at Jacob Wirth) and on our way back to the T by New England Medical, we see this guy in the middle of the road who just recently got hit by a taxi. Two people are standing by him, comforting him. A couple is standing on the sidewalk with horrified looks, crying on each others shoulders. The guy is sitting there in a pool of blood big enough to cause a vehicle to hydroplane. You can’t see his face cause blood is pouring from his head.

Initially, I’m freaked out by the sight. Then I think of what AJ previously said about infront of a hospital being the most convenient place to get hit. I start giggling. I tell AJ. She starts laughing. She says, “He’s pretty lucky.” We’re both laughing and looking like the most sadistic people on the face of the Earth.

But if people only knew why we were laughing, they’d be laughing, too.