Animal Planet and the DNC

I had the most odd batch of dreams last night. I’m still waiting for them all to come together. I remember at one point I went to this reptile park that was somewhat like the Topsfield Fair. There was this one exhibit I had to crawl through. Or maybe the terrariums were so low I had to crawl. It was outside and raining and the things I was crawling around to see were baby sea turtles that were around an inch in diameter—about the size of a June bug. For some reason the doors kept swinging open and closed and turtles kept jumping out. I had to catch them and put them back in as the door swung open again. I noticed also that the tar-like mat I was crawling across had some turtles that were tarred over, so it got confusing when I had to find turtles to put back inside ’cause some were just turtles under the tar. Felt like live ones especially in the rain. I had to save the turtles jumping out so they wouldn’t suffer the same tarred fate.

After this (or maybe before) I had this dream that I was at a political convention. Understandable, seeing as the DNC is in town and that’s all people are talking about. In my dream, I don’t think it was a specific party’s convention; just a political convention in general.

It was weird because I was there but yet, I had like a TV Guide schedule of events and I had to see if I would be home in time to see certain things even though I was there the whole time anyway. I remember being upset that I wouldn’t be “home” to see Jimmy Carter’s speech at 2am. I remember thinking it was weird that almost all of John Edwards’ family members were each giving a speech of some sort but he himself wasn’t there and wouldn’t be participating. I was wishing they could switch spots with Carter so he could get the earlier slot at 10pm so I could watch him. I was wishing it were like an Animal Planet schedule where I could just catch the 4am showing.

Other parts of the dream involved CVS at the top floor of this two story building in South Boston. I think I was looking for this sort of face sponge that I never ended up getting. Somehow the turtles were involved in this. I think I had one in my pocket.

I never ended up getting my sponge. In my dream, I think I kept going back for it and forgot it each time. Each time I turned around, I think I was in a different CVS, but I always thought it was weird that CVS is on the 2nd floor. Weird. Different CVSs but not. In the end, never got the sponge. I actually woke up thinking, “I still have to get that sponge.” I never saw Carter’s speech either.

So, very unproductive dream. Then I woke up to be more unproductive. Maybe I’m not even awake. Mmf.

Dream. Dream away…

I woke up today with “#9 Dream” in my head. Trippy song if you’ve never heard it. This is odd ’cause my dream was more goth than anything. I haven’t dealt with anything goth nor trippy recently so I don’t know where this dream came from.

The setting was a mall, or what we called a mall in the dream but as I think about it now, it wasn’t really one. The whole place was metallic and black colored, looking like something out of a Tim Burton movie.

I’ll add details later as I remember them, but the one thing that tied this whole thing together was this freaky girl that kept following me and asking me to help her keep from trying to kill herself which she finds addicting. (Been there, done that. Guess she knew I had experience talking people out of suicide.)

The next day rolls along and she shows me her latest piece of work: wrapping her arms tightly in barbed wire. I look to see holes in her arms that looked like bullet holes in the side of a car. You know, with the kind of frayed edges and just an empty hole. There were several of these from where she loosed and repositioned the barbed wire.

I look at the holes, look up at her and ask, “Are you a droid?” to which she answered, “Yes.” I think to myself, “Why is this droid intent on killing herself in such bizarre ways when she could just yank her battery or something?” Whatever, though. A lot of stuff is fuzzy, but I think I managed to talk her into taking off the remaining barbed wire.

Somewhere in my dream also appeared a giant Reptar-like (if you watch Rugrats, you’d know what this is) puffed up dinosaur. I don’t know what it related to. I just remember her showing me another suicide attempt while it was in the background. Maybe more will come back to me later.

Hmmf. Weird. I much more prefer the X-Men dreams.

Odd dream, again

Where are all these X-Men dreams coming from? I haven’t watched any X-Men related stuff in over a year. This dream was a couple nights ago. I know there’s a lot of the beginning of the dream I can’t remember that led up to other things.

The main thing I remember is that I was a mutant with like EVERYTHING powers. Even so, I was vulnerable to things like other mutant attacks. I was at my district convention which I was just at so I can see how that made it into the dream, except at this convention we had VIP sky box seats. Classy convention.

So I guess I was walking around the lower part of the auditorium where all the stairs and everything are made of cement which is one clear part of the dream. Here’s the part I can’t remember a lot about. This one other big mutant that was kind of like Juggernaut (sp?) crippled me somehow. In the dream I remembered it happening, but I don’t remember the details now. I guess I had beat him up somehow and rendered him temporarily incapacitated. The part I remember is when I’m talking to a friend who’s kind of like Iceman but not. He’s sitting on the cement steps. He’s sort of mad at me ’cause he heard me saying that he sucked in the past two movies which is true.

Then I just realized I was walking around without the use of my magic boots. The magic boots, which were like those puffy booty sneaker shoes you wear when you break your foot, helped me walk. So he tells me it’s ’cause Juggernaut is beat up and still hasn’t healed where kicked him in the side and left a big dent. When he heals, I’ll be crippled again. “Hmmm,” thinks I. “I need to get to where I need to be quickly, ’cause he’s going to heal soon, and if I don’t find my seat in the high sky box soon and he recovers, I’ll never be able to climb the stairs.” Ironically enough, I have been assigned to the handicapped sky box which was in the most inconvenient place. I had to do a lot of walking. It was very video game-ish. Get to your seat and sit down before your energy runs out and you become crippled again.

I got into my box finally and found other people who were also crippled in different ways, but I never bothered to ask how it happened.

By the time the dream ended, I was still walking OK. I kept my magic boots on just in case though. 🙂 I must’ve really beat Jug up well. Must’ve been one of those complex combo attacks that I’m incapable of in real life. Go me!

Dreams, random dreams

Strange how the most random things you do during the day remind you of what you dream about the night before. I was walking to the mall for lunch and looked at some mulch on the ground and remembered last night’s dream.

I had a job with this other guy making tuffets in people’s lawns. If they felt like they needed one or were having a backyard party and wanted many, they’d call us and we’d come with our lawnmowers and mow little (or big) round tuffets into their lawn. This is quite the booming business which we are dominating. Word had since gotten around that we make the best tuffets in the business.

This is all I remember. I don’t remember doing a lot of jobs. I just remember this was our business and in my dream I made a nice one.

If only the real-life economy were so stable.

Thank you, Paul, for killing my dream

Two nights ago, I had the most incredible dream that I was seriously dating P. Diddy. I’m not really ga-ga over him in real life, but hey, if that’s the kind of guy I end up with, I’m not complaining. Sounds like the average dream, right? But this is one of MY dreams, so you know it’s about to get weirder.

This is all taking place at like a ho-down thing. It’s actually the exact same picture I get in my head when I listen to “Rocky Racoon” when Rocky’s fighting Dan.

Anyway, trying to figure out where this dream all started, but I can only trace it back to the point where I’m making out with Diddy in the back of a parked hay ride. Well, miniature hay ride. It was like one of those pickup trucks with a wooden fence-like thing around the bed. It had hay in it. It was a ride. It was a hay ride.

So this was a fun dream. Funny how dreams can be like movies with cuts and fades and zooms and slo-mo effects. Anyway, all of a sudden it cuts to a point where I’m wandering around the setting what has turned desolate and almost fake stage looking. Diddy is doing this concert-like thing in one of these barns. I wasn’t there. Dunno why. So then I was questioning where our relationship was going and he sent out one of his guys to discuss things with me who looked like that hottie from “Above the Rim” who shot Tommy at the end. (Sorry to kill the ending for whoever hasn’t seen it. )

So Mr. Hottie takes me into this big, dim, empty, barn-like shed to talk about Diddy and what’s up as far as where we stand, whether it was a fling or whatever. Last thing he was in the middle of saying was that I was different than the others. Haha! Take that, Jenny from the block! All this time we keep getting interrupted by EVERYONE and EVERYTHING. We keep kicking people out or moving to another barn. Finally, Paul barges in needing to talk about something. I’m like, “Can’t this wait?!” He’s like, “NO, it can’t.” We try to avoid him by leaving him there and like beaming ourselves into other places (which is perfectly normal in dreams), but he keeps finding us!! Arghhh.

It then cuts to the point where I guess we let Paul have his way and pay attention to what he’s doing. He’s proposing to this girl and I guess he wanted to ask advice on it. This moose of a woman is middle-aged, fat as anything, around 6′ tall, wearing a lime green laced moo-moo (sp?), and basically looks like an enormous version of the stereotypical lunch lady, hair net and all.

In this dream, it was customary to propose to someone in the middle of a circle of people, much like in elementary school music class where you’d play “Farmer in the Dell” and there’s a circle of people surrounding the “Farmer” as he picks a wife. So me and Mr. Hottie are standing there at the perimeter, rolling our eyes, waiting for it to end. Paul then says in the most deadpan voice you can imagine, “I want you to marry me.” At this time, he pulls out a large flip flop from his back pocket (magic back pocket like a clown car) and tosses it on the ground. The lime green flip flop had the typical flip flop bottom but had what looked like several strings around the top that held the shoe to the foot. Tied on these strings was a giant 1″ diameter diamond. Bling bling, Paul.

So picture this, “I want you to marry me.” <plop> The equally deadpan look on the woman’s face said to everyone that she consented.

Just then a random voice in the crowd pipes up, “HEY!! That’s not the way it’s supposed to happen!! You’re supposed to put it on her foot!” I guess that’s why you have an audience—never know when you need help with the traditional proposal. So Paul does just this. He takes the flip flop, but alas to his dismay, it’s a few sizes too big and keeps falling off. BUT, Paul comes prepared! (Only in dreams.) Gorilla woman had monstrously hairy feet, which her beau knows quite well. He was equipped with a few bobby pins which he used to attach the flip flop to her foot so it wouldn’t fall off. So we have an engagement. Congrats to the apathetic couple.

Now that this whole interruption is over, me and Hottie can get back to our convo about Diddy and stuff. Just then I wake up. &@!^*#!@^&%!*@#@!# PAUL!!! If you could’ve just waited 5 minutes for your engagement, I’d have gotten an answer. AUGHHH!!!

The reincarnated zombie museum

“Dream a dream and see what a dream can be.” So said the all-knowing Boober Fraggle.

So here I go again in the midst of a streak of odd dreams. I am in NY and going museum hopping. Seems there’s a museum for everything these days. So I go into this museum/gift shop-like thing and speak to the curator/owner/inventor of this new thing. Apparently, the norm is that people are reincarnated, but if they miss the look of their old self, this woman has found a way of exhuming the corpse and making a cast of the head and fixing it to the now living person’s head. Problem with this… where do I begin? Well first off, she has not tweaked the look of the new mask mold. Bug holes, missing noses, etc. are common place. Next is that it’s not at all blended with the person’s head. It’s just kinda stuck on with Elmer’s or something. You can clearly see where the shriveled, rotted-textured face ends and the new actual skin begins.

This woman is the pride of New York because I guess no one has thought of such a thing as to bring back the look the person once had. In her museum that was the size of the average mall store, were masks of dead famous and non-famous people she had managed to get her hands on. Stuff on the walls… it was rather grotesque, but I seemed to be the only one that thought so. Wasn’t a very popular museum. I was there freaked out but enthralled at the same time that people thought so highly of this crudely made innovation, all the while thinking to myself, why didn’t she fill in the face holes?!?!

The most clear part of my dream was this woman who came right up to me and without a greeting, pointed to her head and proudly said, “This is me!… Well, it was.” The woman’s face was the epitome of asymmetrical. I tried my hardest to give a “how lovely but not really” smile. Didn’t wanna let her down. She was so nice.

I leave the museum and walk down this rainbowy State Street T station-like tunnel. The tunnel is painted all around with a dead mask collage. I guess the woman wanted to hype people up for her new landmark discovery. Unfortunately, I must’ve missed it on the way in. When I got out of the tunnel, low and behold I find another store selling a rip-off of this woman’s masks. I guess the zombie look has become quite trendy and has taken off in NYC. So I look around in this other store, but can’t remember much of it. I think I woke up soon after that cause I don’t remember much more. I only remember something about Snoopy brand perfume and someone stealing it from me. Who would do such a thing? That’s all for my dream though. I know at some random time tomorrow, another part of this dream is going to shoot into my head.

Strange how you can never tell when you have these dreams. I can’t tell if I dreamt all of this in one night, or parts were from other dreams weeks or years ago. So confusing.

But the one thing I thought of when I woke up was “This is me!… Well, it was.” Nice lady. Glad she was happy with her purchase. So hard to be these days.

Dreams are weird.

Strange how you can dream and then go all day and the next few days without even knowing you dreamt anything. And then all of a sudden, you can be clicking around, organizing your desktop icons and the dream that’s totally unrelated to desktop icons pops into your head.

It was kind of a shopping mall rampage killing theme. These giant robot monsters were chasing us (us being me and people I don’t know in real life) and the only way to kill them was to stab them with something. This meant we had to use our brains and run into stores that sold cutlery with which to kill the monsters. The obvious solution was the cutlery store, but then also Target, Sears, etc., whoever has a kitchen department. We’d get the steak knives or whatever from the store and come back out into the atrium, which is the only place the monsters were rampaging, and kill them there.

I love it. Only in dreams can you come out of Target with a little set of $9.99 steak knives and by the time you need to kill something, they’ve grown to the size of knight swords. 🙂

I recall even breaking off the end of the spear on the statue of this guy on a horse that was mounted on the fountain in the center of the atrium. Holy crap, did I use enough prepositional phrases in that sentence?

It was kind of like a two part game. The malls were back-to-back kind of like Copley and the Pru. Once I killed the monsters in one mall, I went to the other mall just to find more monsters. This was one of the funnest dreams I’ve had in a long time.

I’ll write about my dream last night when I remember it. All I know is it was about something freaky cause I woke up and didn’t really want to go back to sleep, but I don’t know what it was about. Oh well.