This image that looks like a cuttlefish with a bobby’s hat on is a giant pee stain burned into the top of my bureau courtesy of Bedroom Squirrel (BS for short). I also have a loosely-buttoned-up giant hole in the wall next to my bed.

While I consider myself fortunate that my bed and mattress weren’t defaced, I’m still completely pissed (lame pun) because this was almost completely avoidable—no, no, COMPLETELY avoidable.

If the hole in wall and cage were somehow contained by SOMETHING, chicken wire, tarp… ANYTHING, BS would not have had the run of my bedroom for more than 12 hours. If a smaller hole was cut and the trap set directly in front of the hole, maybe he would’ve at least had the thought to go into the opening.

But no. A hole big enough for a raccoon to crawl through was cut into the wall and a way-smaller-than-the-hole trap was set a distance away with the opening facing in the direction he wouldn’t even pass. For over 12 hours, he had enough time to do whatever he wanted. So in that sense, I’m fortunate that he didn’t do more.

The fact that he’s a flying squirrel explains why I could hear rustling on one side of the room, then a bang and rustling on another side of the room.

Despite having a dozen projects due yesterday, I left work halfway thru the day yesterday to come home when Mike got here to steam clean my carpet. I wanted to make sure it was done to my liking. Everything at this time is still out in my vestibule, dining area, and living room. I have a giant bruise on my right shin from where I repeatedly kept walking into my small bedroom table on the way to the kitchen.

I got home a little after 1:00pm to see the building in pitch darkness. They were working on the power this morning which I knew, but was told it would be done by now. I use my phone to find my way to my front door. My computer crapped out earlier today and with no power thus no wifi anyway, I took a nap. On my couch because my room is still contaminated.

Power came on eventually and Mike came by at 3:30ish and went to town cleaning my room. When that was done, I washed my bag of extra dirty laundry and sheets and promptly jammed the washing machine. Called him back over and he reset the machine. While we’re both in the laundry room, I’m like, “Any word on any other squirrels in the building?”
Mike: “Nothing yet.”
Me: “So are you going to have to cut holes in everyone’s wall who has a squirrel?”
Mike: “No, it’s really not recommended that you cut holes in walls in these situations.”


Me: “I’m glad that’s over with. Really, my main concern was flea or bug infestation.”
Mike: (laughing) “Well, don’t worry about that. There’s nothing we can’t take care of.”
(That’s what I’m afraid of.)

Now I’ve gotten almost everything back in my room that was there before. It’s like I’m moving. Like the process of moving, this has made me purge bags upon bags of stuff. So that’s something.

And it’s good to hear if I get another squirrel, they’ll try to figure out another way to take care of it other than all out demolition.


Aughh!! I swore I was going to bed right when I got home tonight, but I decided to wait up to buy something on eBay, an auction which I lost anyway and ended up doing a Buy It Now for the same thing. Crap, what a waste of my night.

On the lighter side, I’ve set my iPod up to play continuous Beatles in order from their first album to their last, and started it playing earlier today. Hours and hours of fun from “I Saw Her Standing There” to “Her Majesty,” not including the extra Anthologies, bargain mixes, Let It Be Naked, and Past Masters I and II which I’ve set up to come after all the normal albums. And I’ve found that George was right. Rubber Soul and Revolver really could have worked as a double album. I’m stopping it now at “Happiness is a Warm Gun,” so I can sleep. I’m reluctant to continue ’cause I know they’re going to break up in the end. .

Is this a test?

OK. What is with this week?

For starters, I’ve been exhausted from little sleep last weekend in NJ/NY/CT. This has caused the work week to just drag and me to be oblivious to almost everything.

Yesterday, I had to deal with all of this. The fact that I have to start job-hunting again is stressing beyond belief. It continued after I drenched myself. I never did eat yesterday until I got home, but back up a bit. Being fed up as I was, I planned on leaving work early to save what little sanity I had left. Didn’t happen, because of course, people came to me at 4:30 to print stuff. My skirt somewhat dries and I finally leave. The bus is like 15 minutes late. I make it to the Fenway meeting and manage to stay awake throughout the whole thing. Amazing, I know.

After the meeting, I take off right away. Said, “Hi,” to no one so I wouldn’t miss my train. Lately the orange line has been stalling like crazy, and I mean like stuck for 30+ minutes in one station. I’m reluctant to leave the train, ’cause you know when I finally do, the train will start moving. Wednesday, that’s what I did. I left at Downtown to run to the green line so I wouldn’t miss my commuter rail. I made it but just barely. This time, after the meeting, I thought it would be wise to not depend on the orange line. I walked to Prudential knowing I had plenty of time to spare. I get down there and it’s obvious that the train hasn’t come in a while ’cause there’s a horde of people downstairs. I figure, it’s good. This means it should be coming soon. Not so. I waited a good 20 minutes. Nothing. I leave the station and run back to Mass. Ave. station just to see the orange line leave. So much for catching the commuter rail. I call my mom and she offers to get me in Malden. The orange line is dead from one point on so they’re busing. I sit there forever and the train finally comes… and goes right by. AHHHHH!!!! Eventually, I get to Malden and go home. Egad.

The day is finally over and I can go to bed and then start another, hopefully better, day. Well, today I missed my bus at Alewife ’cause the red line delayed. Marvelous. But then I got to work and had a pumpkin muffin waiting for me. Thanks, Lori.

Dude, and here’s what just happened now. I just got an e-mail from my EX… the screwy one. No, the other screwy one. The one I haven’t seen or heard about in 4+ years and had since forgotten unless Paul and I are having one of our “who-has-the-most-screwed-up-ex” discussions. Right now I am beyond disturbed. Ah, the joys of having one’s own website and having a name unlike any other. This is one of those times where I wish I had a name like Smith or Jones. He said he found it when he was on Google looking up friends from high school. Yeah, and I’m really sure one of your high school friends was named Glinnen.

I usually check my e-mail like every couple of minutes hoping to have some e-mail entertainment or as of recently, people asking to hire me. So I hit “refresh” and see his name in my inbox. I’m like, “Maybe it’s a mistake or junk mail,” ’cause sometimes it happens. You get mail with a name of some person that’s the same as someone you might know; for instance, when I get e-mails saying, “Kara Glinnen wants to invite you to a new chat room.” Oh boy! Someone with the same name as me wants to invite ME somewhere! .

This is one person I never thought I’d hear from again. This one actually rivals my other ex as far as screwy is concerned. I’d say they’re about equal in different ways. You know, 12 of one, half-dozen of another. Anyway, it’s annoying. What a thing to see in your inbox at the end of an exhausting crappy week. Good thing the week is over soon.

Got interviews? (_|_)!!!

OK so I’ve been on job interviews for the past month. Some were absurd; others were productive. Well, productive in comparison to the absurd ones. I still don’t have a job.

In answer to everyone’s question if I got the job from two weeks ago, the answer is no. Otherwise, the subject would be something like, “EEEEE,” and not involve one of these (|). So after much questioning at this job interview, I knew nothing would get me anywhere since, first of all, I was the first interview at 8:30am over the course of three days of interviews. I’m lucky if they remember my name.

So it went OK. Nothing spectacular. I got the “We’re sorry,” letter in the mail yesterday stating that the reason they’re not hiring me is because they’re looking for someone who can match their position best. They will call me when they have something more web related. Now I don’t think I could’ve emphasized more during the interview that I’m equally comfortable with both print and web design. This job I could’ve handled after one year of college. All it was was typesetting on Quark; barely any design. Although I said over and over that I can do print design, apparently they heard that as, “I can only do web design.” I wrote them a letter saying if they have any freelance available in the future to call me because “I CAN DO PRINT DESIGN.” I didn’t type it in caps, but I would’ve liked to. Caps, bold, and italic to make sure they could see it. Bozos. So the search continues.

Believe it or not, that’s not the interview that gets rated (|).

TODAY, I went on an interview. The (|) interview. I don’t know what happened, but all of a sudden I’m getting called for a bunch of interviews. Early last month when I was at the end of my rope, I applied to several retail stores to fill in the time until I get a real job. So one of these decides to call me Tuesday for an interview at 1:30 today (Thursday). Yesterday, I get 3 other requests for interviews at real jobs. As you can guess, I see no need for going to the non-job since jobs are starting to call me. But I committed to it, so I go. This involves me getting up at 5:30am cause my mom’s takes the car to work and if I don’t leave with her, I’m stuck at home all day.

I go out in service this morning and stop at 12:30 to go to this interview with will hereby be known as “(|)” because I don’t want to dignify it by even calling it an interview. I go to the mall and to the store to meet the manager who is (|)ing me. I wait for a bit for her and she comes out and introduces herself. We go out to a mall bench to do the (|). Apparently, there are no back rooms in the store? So we’re out on the bench next to what looked like a straggly bearded guy from the street who is taking a load off. I feel so professional. So she starts questioning me. “Have you ever worked in retail?” “What is your definition of a successful sales person?” I felt like saying, “One who has decided to go to college to escape the horrors of remaining a sales person,” but I didn’t say that. I was nice. Three of four more questions pass when she says, “OK, that’s about it.” No lie, this whole thing took all of 5 minutes tops.

Now my question is, WHY did this have to be scheduled as an appointment? Did you really have to prepare for this? She scheduled it two days in advance in the middle of the day. If I had known this was the extent of the (|), I sooo wouldn’t have shown up. I could’ve stayed out in the morning with the group or better yet, stayed home and SLEPT. Anything would’ve been more productive than going on this (|).

So goes another day in my unemployed life. I have another interview tomorrow. I’ll share more then.

I need to move

Tonight I get home and say to my mom “I’m not going out tomorrow.” In other words, don’t wake me up. She replies, “So you’re staying in?” I pretend not to hear. She repeats. I say, “I said, ‘I’m not going out.'” She repeats, “So does that mean you’re staying in?”

Forget the huge disagreements. Things like this are making me crave moving even more.