This is NOT Mountain Dew

Aughhhh. It’s so far been a very tired, overall crappy week. It’s not even half over yet. So I head over to my happy spot, the vending machine, to get my morning Mountain Dew to bring me up to sociable level. What comes out? Read the subject. This is “orange” flavored Gatorade. &*^(!@#&^!@#!!!!

This has got to be the most grossest flavor of Gatorade they make. I like other flavors of Gatorade so it figures that this is the one that comes out. Thing is that it’s trying to taste like orange juice. If it tasted like some random fruity thing you couldn’t compare anything to, it would be OK I think, but as it is, it tastes like Tang (which is a bad thing). But it’s like a teaspoon of powdered Tang mixed with like two gallons of water. So there’s only that hint of orange with the taste of nastiness coming through.

So Murphy’s Law strikes again when I think I’m getting a kick of caffeine and end up with “monosodium phosphate, ester gum, and brominated vegetable oil.”