Random thought of the morning

I just happened to think of the time we made Teresa almost puke on the teacups (the ride) and thought how cool it would be if they made them as like furniture. Like instead of an armchair, you’d have a teacup (with a spinny wheel of course) in the middle of the room with a cushiony bench and that’s where you’d sit and chill. If you felt like spinning, you could.

This solves the problem we used to talk about in the lab about there not existing adult-size sit-n-spins. I imagine it could cost about as much as the average chair. How fun would this be?! So now I get the connection why I like the teacups so much, because they’re so like giant sit-n-spins.

I must’ve been dreaming about such things because when I woke up, this is the first thing I thought of.