Animal Planet and the DNC

I had the most odd batch of dreams last night. I’m still waiting for them all to come together. I remember at one point I went to this reptile park that was somewhat like the Topsfield Fair. There was this one exhibit I had to crawl through. Or maybe the terrariums were so low I had to crawl. It was outside and raining and the things I was crawling around to see were baby sea turtles that were around an inch in diameter—about the size of a June bug. For some reason the doors kept swinging open and closed and turtles kept jumping out. I had to catch them and put them back in as the door swung open again. I noticed also that the tar-like mat I was crawling across had some turtles that were tarred over, so it got confusing when I had to find turtles to put back inside ’cause some were just turtles under the tar. Felt like live ones especially in the rain. I had to save the turtles jumping out so they wouldn’t suffer the same tarred fate.

After this (or maybe before) I had this dream that I was at a political convention. Understandable, seeing as the DNC is in town and that’s all people are talking about. In my dream, I don’t think it was a specific party’s convention; just a political convention in general.

It was weird because I was there but yet, I had like a TV Guide schedule of events and I had to see if I would be home in time to see certain things even though I was there the whole time anyway. I remember being upset that I wouldn’t be “home” to see Jimmy Carter’s speech at 2am. I remember thinking it was weird that almost all of John Edwards’ family members were each giving a speech of some sort but he himself wasn’t there and wouldn’t be participating. I was wishing they could switch spots with Carter so he could get the earlier slot at 10pm so I could watch him. I was wishing it were like an Animal Planet schedule where I could just catch the 4am showing.

Other parts of the dream involved CVS at the top floor of this two story building in South Boston. I think I was looking for this sort of face sponge that I never ended up getting. Somehow the turtles were involved in this. I think I had one in my pocket.

I never ended up getting my sponge. In my dream, I think I kept going back for it and forgot it each time. Each time I turned around, I think I was in a different CVS, but I always thought it was weird that CVS is on the 2nd floor. Weird. Different CVSs but not. In the end, never got the sponge. I actually woke up thinking, “I still have to get that sponge.” I never saw Carter’s speech either.

So, very unproductive dream. Then I woke up to be more unproductive. Maybe I’m not even awake. Mmf.

Just another “while I was on the can” thought

So there I was easing nature in the cool interior room and I got to wondering–those screws they use to hold bathroom stalls together–those ones that can screw on but can’t be taken off. Why do they use these in public restrooms? Are they afraid someone will come in & steal the stall doors?

So there’s my profound thought for today.