SOMEONE raped my chips

Wednesday, I went to Chili’s for lunch with some friends here. The poor waiter really screwed us. We weren’t mad tho. He knew he messed up and felt bad and overall, I felt bad for him. First, we waited FOREVER for our food, as in people coming in after us are finishing and paying their bill before we even got our food. It’s all good tho. No hurry to get back to work as it was dead at the office.

It was funny. At the end, the guy was so confused, when he came to give us the bill, he starts off saying, “Would you like a few more minutes?… oh… I mean, here’s your bill.” He took off the price for the drinks and everything and gave us some chips and salsa to go. Nice guy. Then he’s like, “Have a good morning… OH, I mean afternoon.” Poor guy. I can totally relate to the whole making more of a mistake than it really is and thus making yourself look worse.

Anyway, we’ve got this nice sealed bag of Chili’s tortillas and salsa. I intentionally saved them for Friday (today) to end off my week with yummy things. I came in today to see the bag ripped open, completely molested, and not even closed back up! RRRAARRRRR!!!!!!! Lori told me that people do this here sometimes. She had a new bag of Doritos that someone just took the liberty of ripping open and leaving there on her desk.

I’m not stingy with my food or anything. I just like to know when people do it and at least WHO is doing it. I’ve heard stuff around here that a good percent of the people here do NOT wash their hands after using the bathroom. Mfff. Grossness.

Don’t believe the hype.

I was just in the kitchen packing food for lunch tomorrow when I noticed my mom had one of those Ziploc tubs that they advertise as being better than Gladware because you can close it by just pressing the top with one finger. So, seeing as it’s 11:50pm and I have nothing to do, I was excited to try it.

THEY DON’T WORK!! Or at least this one doesn’t. If I pushed any harder, my finger would’ve gone thru the lid. So after several failed attempts, I finally resorted to using my whole hand to close the container.

I’m very disappointed.