I feel old.

Last night was fun. Went over Dilly’s and hung with a bunch of old friends. Very reminiscent. At one point, Geoff was like, “This is how I remember it, the old gang.” I was thinking, “Holy crap. For real.” It’s weird. Same people as before, but really different. I think last time all of us were together in the same place was like four or so years ago. Now it’s all these years later, we’re different people somewhat, life situations are changed, and we’re dropped in front of a different backdrop.

Dunno how to explain it. We played “get-together-games” like always happened at these things with the same people, but totally didn’t feel the same. For one thing, we’re not students anymore at someone’s house procrastinating some important work, but yet most of us can’t stay up as late as we used to. More than half of us aren’t in the Fenway congregation anymore. Four have since gotten married. And then while you sit there, you reflect on the past years and all the things that have happened since the last time things were “like this.” I guess that’s what makes it different—lives and jobs (well, some of us.) I think that was the oddest thing. Before when we’d hang, we’d do things like this on almost a bi-weekly basis at least or see each other at the hall twice a week, and the conversation was like “Hey, what’s up?” “Not much.” and have nothing to say so just shoot the breeze. Now it’s more like catching up on all this time in a short life-story sort of fashion. “How’s your congregation?” “What are you doing for work, now?” Funny what a few years can do. It’s kind of like Dawson’s Creek without the sex, back-stabbing, and dying. No, I never watched the show. 😛 But with as many people as I know addicted to the show, at times that’s all I’d hear about.

This all isn’t necessarily bad, but more like the first time it’s hit me. This is like how old people feel at reunions. In that sense, it’s bad ’cause I feel old. Other than that, it’s more nostalgic and weird than bad. I think I’ll write more in my writey journal so I can get off the computer now.