Dreams, random dreams

Strange how the most random things you do during the day remind you of what you dream about the night before. I was walking to the mall for lunch and looked at some mulch on the ground and remembered last night’s dream.

I had a job with this other guy making tuffets in people’s lawns. If they felt like they needed one or were having a backyard party and wanted many, they’d call us and we’d come with our lawnmowers and mow little (or big) round tuffets into their lawn. This is quite the booming business which we are dominating. Word had since gotten around that we make the best tuffets in the business.

This is all I remember. I don’t remember doing a lot of jobs. I just remember this was our business and in my dream I made a nice one.

If only the real-life economy were so stable.

It’s finally happened…

I finally completed my Beatles CD collection with the purchase of Yellow Submarine. I’ve been delaying doing it ’cause it’s not my favorite collection, but lately I’ve been watching the movie again and again and have gotten attached to the trippy music. Most of the CD is instrumental by George Martin.

“All Together Now.” It’s the perfect song for learning to count to 10 and learning your ABCs up to J. Funny how you go thru life not caring for some songs and then find yourself addicted after much listening.

I made the mistake of stepping into Best Buy today. It was destined to happen. I came out with three CDs. Yellow Submarine, the Best of the Beach Boys, and the new Black Eyed Peas. Yeah, not your typical mix.

I also just figured out that I like the Beach Boys again. In 5th grade (the mean girls year) I had all of 5 tapes (HA! TAPES!) in my possession. Two were Beatles. Three were Beach Boys. Since then I’ve stuck to the Beatles, but the Beach Boys were one of those groups I shuddered to think I listened to.

So in the store today, as I’m looking at the Beatles CDs, I saw the Beach Boys CDs sitting right next to them, as “Bea..” CDs tend to do. So I see there’s a new CD with 30 tracks on them that I used to listen to. I just bought it with the point of seeing how retarded I was. Then I come to find out, I actually like this stuff again. Who’da thought?

Odd hearing songs you haven’t listened to in 15 years. I feel like I’m 10 all over again.

Oh, and the Black Eyed Peas CD is good too, but doesn’t hold much memories. Obviously.

Still on this Fraggle trip

Last night I was really getting into the whole Fraggle discovery I made online. So I figured I’d go rummaging through my old video tapes to look for Fraggles. Didn’t think I’d be successful, but I was wide awake and needed something to do. Incidentally, I noticed how video cassettes have lost weight over the years. Old tapes feel like they weigh 50% more than ones you buy now.

Anyway, I found 4 of my favorite episodes!! EEEEE!!! One was Boober’s Dream with Sidebottom! I didn’t really care for that episode before, but now it has more meaning since I’ve been having all these weird dreams lately. I could only do my best to remember that episode before, but now I can watch it!!!

This is becoming borderline creepy how into this I am, but last night I also searched around for song lyrics. They were good and some were kind of deep for a kiddie show. What ever happened to kiddie shows that were intelligent and made sense. They should so bring this show back or at least make them available on DVD. Well, they are, but in the UK in their stupid UK format. DOWN WITH UK FORMAT!!! We need another Revolution.

Anyway, so I’ve had this song stuck in my head until this morning when I woke up with Boober’s Dream song stuck in my head. 😛 If anyone remembers the one where Red was trying to find her song, you’ll appreciate it more.

I say, 1, 2, play me do.
Let me sound as sweet as you.
Play me wide.
Play me long.
Let me be your song.