The Bathroom Diaries. Part Deux.

And I’m on my second week streak of odd bathroom findings. First was the enema. <shudder> Now this discovery doesn’t really have to do with the cleanliness of the establishment. More like just an odd thing to see.

I’m at North Station about a half hour early to catch my 9:30pm train. To kill time, I go pee. One of the things I don’t really care for is that instead of having a covered container to put pads and what not, they have just an open trash bucket, like the kind that would be in someone’s cubicle. No one cares to see that stuff. I don’t know why they don’t cover it. On the other hand, if it were covered, I wouldn’t have made my discovery.

So I’m in one of the small bathroom stalls and before doing my business, something large and dark catches my eye in the bucket. What was it already? PORK LIVERS. Yes, someone threw away an unopened package of pork livers in the bathroom stall. So first thought was, “Ewwwww,” cause livers just look nasty. Dunno who could ever eat them. Second thought was to hurry and get photos before crowds start coming in. So I shoot and then pee. Of course, by this time a horde of people come in line to use one of the three stalls in the restroom just to see someone occupying the middle stall with their feet facing the wrong way and a flash going off about 6 times. It’s clear I’m not going to get out with no one seeing me so I sheepishly gather my things and leave the stall and wash my hands. The things I do for the LJ.

So here you go. $1.19 pork livers, unopened and not yet expired. Sad thing is I know enough people who would’ve found this as a treasure and taken it home as a free meal.

The reincarnated zombie museum

“Dream a dream and see what a dream can be.” So said the all-knowing Boober Fraggle.

So here I go again in the midst of a streak of odd dreams. I am in NY and going museum hopping. Seems there’s a museum for everything these days. So I go into this museum/gift shop-like thing and speak to the curator/owner/inventor of this new thing. Apparently, the norm is that people are reincarnated, but if they miss the look of their old self, this woman has found a way of exhuming the corpse and making a cast of the head and fixing it to the now living person’s head. Problem with this… where do I begin? Well first off, she has not tweaked the look of the new mask mold. Bug holes, missing noses, etc. are common place. Next is that it’s not at all blended with the person’s head. It’s just kinda stuck on with Elmer’s or something. You can clearly see where the shriveled, rotted-textured face ends and the new actual skin begins.

This woman is the pride of New York because I guess no one has thought of such a thing as to bring back the look the person once had. In her museum that was the size of the average mall store, were masks of dead famous and non-famous people she had managed to get her hands on. Stuff on the walls… it was rather grotesque, but I seemed to be the only one that thought so. Wasn’t a very popular museum. I was there freaked out but enthralled at the same time that people thought so highly of this crudely made innovation, all the while thinking to myself, why didn’t she fill in the face holes?!?!

The most clear part of my dream was this woman who came right up to me and without a greeting, pointed to her head and proudly said, “This is me!… Well, it was.” The woman’s face was the epitome of asymmetrical. I tried my hardest to give a “how lovely but not really” smile. Didn’t wanna let her down. She was so nice.

I leave the museum and walk down this rainbowy State Street T station-like tunnel. The tunnel is painted all around with a dead mask collage. I guess the woman wanted to hype people up for her new landmark discovery. Unfortunately, I must’ve missed it on the way in. When I got out of the tunnel, low and behold I find another store selling a rip-off of this woman’s masks. I guess the zombie look has become quite trendy and has taken off in NYC. So I look around in this other store, but can’t remember much of it. I think I woke up soon after that cause I don’t remember much more. I only remember something about Snoopy brand perfume and someone stealing it from me. Who would do such a thing? That’s all for my dream though. I know at some random time tomorrow, another part of this dream is going to shoot into my head.

Strange how you can never tell when you have these dreams. I can’t tell if I dreamt all of this in one night, or parts were from other dreams weeks or years ago. So confusing.

But the one thing I thought of when I woke up was “This is me!… Well, it was.” Nice lady. Glad she was happy with her purchase. So hard to be these days.