What has happened to my English?

This weekend has totally killed me. It’s amazing how sitting and reading for three days in a row can be more exhausting than most active days. Partly it was because my mom insisted to leave the house at 6 every morning. Saturday we left at 6:15am, got delayed a few times on the way, and still got there 1/2 hour before the Civic Center opened. So of course, I’m thinking Sunday we can leave a little later. Nope. She wants to leave exactly at 6. I’m surprised I stayed awake the whole time.

The idea for this past weekend was to go to an English convention so I would get more out of it than my ASL one next month. Oh how wrong I was. I’ve noticed lately that my mind has been wandering whenever I go to English meetings now, but I figured I’d be able to pay attention more at the convention. Not really, though. I was taking notes, but my mind was totally in a different place.

For instance, here’s what I got out of yesterday. They had us look up Acts 22:2,3 which in part reads in the NWT, … they kept all the more silent, and he said:) “I am a Jew, born in Tarsus… “ So from that point, all I noticed was that it contained one of these 🙂. The book of Acts contains smileys.

Here’s a funny thing that happened today. I was sitting by some people at lunch who looked like they wanted to talk to me. I’m half dead so I’m like, “Oh no,” but I deal. The three are looking my way and one says, “I’m from the Concord, NH cong.” I’m like, “Oh that’s nice,” and proceed to tell them I’m in ASL. I ask if they know a few other JWs in Concord who were in my hall and they said, “No,” then they said, “Yes.” They just looked really confused. All in all, I talked for about a minute and a half about how I was in the Malden ASL hall and that I knew some deaf JWs in Concord. They reply with, “So, you’re in the Chinese congregation?” I give them an almost why-do-I-even-try look and say, “Sure.”

I should’ve known. It happens almost every year.

There is NEVER a happy ending.

All I wanted was ice cream. That’s all. Alas, too much to ask.

Went to the bookstudy tonight. Fortunately, didn’t have to tactile. Figures, since I was prepared this time with all my anti-bacterial gear. This week was difficult. Jeremy’s signing faster. I actually practiced a few times incase I had to tactile and still couldn’t get it right.

After hte meeting, I needed to vent, so Teresa and I went for ice cream. I almost said, “Let’s eat in the car,” but as we were walking back, she said, “Let’s sit here (outside table) for a bit.” OK, fine.

So I tell her the update on schtuff and also share my dream that I blogged the other day. I start talking about P. Diddy and how Paul’s interruptions ruined my chances with him. (Yes, I’m still holding a grudge.) So I’m getting ot the point where he proposed with the diamond-studded flip flop and the dream ended.

Just then, two bums come sit at our table. I had noticed one near the table with his dog, but mainly I noticed the dog, not the mutt on the high end of the leash.

The dog bum says, “Did they get married?”

I’m thinking to myself, “He is NOT talking to me.” I look over and he’s looking intently at us.

“Did they get married? I’ve been listening to the whole story over here. Are they married now?” says he.

Me: “Um… no.” (Considering one doesn’t exist.)

Dog Bum: “Aww. I was hoping for a happy ending.”

Other bum: “There’s no such thing as a happy ending… Is there?”

Me: “Umm… no.”

Incidentally, there are long pauses between the questions they ask and the answers I give. I’m trying to give the hint that I’m turned off by them trying to converse with us. Hint didn’t work as you can see.

Then I signed (or I think I signed), “No happy ending today.”

Dog bum: “I know a little bit of sign language.”

Me: “Oh, nice.” I was close to saying, “Like what?” Then I held my tongue. No way I’m keeping this convo going longer than it needs to.

Now there’s silence until the bums decide to speak again.

Dog bum: “Are you Chinese?”

(Kill me now.)

Me: “No.”

Dog bum: “Japanese?”

Me: “No.”

<pause> (‘Cause after all, what else is there?)

Dog bum: “Korean?”

Me: “Yes, but not really.” (Don’t even ask what that’s about. Isn’t it time for my train now?)

Teresa: “What time is your train?”


Me: “Soon.”

Teresa: “Shouldn’t we get going now?”

Me: “Yes.”

Dog bum: “Don’t let us scare you away.”

Teresa: “No, we just have to be somewhere.”

So we go. I didn’t think the dream entry would result in a sequel, but here it is.

Morals to the story:

  1. There are no happy endings.
  2. Always eat in your car.