Good weekend in NY

Saturday I went to CT then NY. Last minute plans. Originally, we were doing 6 Flags, but on Fri we all saw on that the next day would be raining all day with thunder. We’d been to 6 Flags NE earlier this year and saw how paranoid they were after that fat guy died so we knew if it had so much as sprinkled, everything would’ve closed.

Paul made a suggestion to do NYC instead. I loved the idea. Sounded to me much better than 6 Flags. This might actually make up for my last horrible NY thing after the convention.

This isn’t going to be much of an entry since nothing really bad happened. Only bad thing was when Dave threw a spitball at Nicole at Jackson Hole. She was obviously mad at him and rightly so. The next day, he whined to her mom that she was giving him attitude. Loser. So someone invited him. Still unsure who. Bad idea to have him at a museum.

The group was Paul, Nicole, Kumal, Claudia, Dave , and I. Good to have the gang back together. Still sad that Kumal’s wife died, but nice to have him back chillin like before.

So this is what we did. Headed into NYC and very quickly I might add. No traffic, nothing. I still can’t get over how cheap parking is there. In Boston, there aren’t many parking lots anyway and then they’re like $30+/day at that. In NY they are everywhere. There are lots right next to each other. The one we were in at one point had a Saturday special of $7.61 for all day, and that was the more pricey of the ones we saw. I was amazed.

We went to Jackson Hole which was Paul’s main point of coming to NY. All good. I like the place. Giant burgers. Mine was small this time tho. I actually finished the whole thing. Nice thing about this place is that when you order a BBQ burger, they put BBQ sauce on it. Sounds obvious enough, but some places (Red Robin) don’t do that.

After this, we went to the Met cause it’s there. I’ve been dying to go to the MOMA but am always too lazy to trek out there to Queens. Can’t wait till it’s back where it belongs next year.

I am so disappointed in myself. I haven’t looked at or studied art in so long. This is the first time in over a year that I’ve been to a museum. I misidentified almost every modern piece I looked at with an exception of Pollock’s Autumn Rhythm and Rothko’s Number 13 which is hanging in my room anyway so doesn’t count. People asked me, “So what does this mean?” I’m like, “I don’t know.” Very, very disappointing. What has happened to me? I need to read more.

I learned that there’s an African tribe called the Bozos. Yay for that.

One thing that really struck me was this painting in the American gallery by Frederic Edwin Church. Thing is a big enough size and there is detail everywhere. Not just puffy brush strokes to make the tree textures. This guy painted every single leaf on every tree. I was just awe struck. I’m not even much of a realist and I was so in love with this painting that I could not stop looking at it. I can’t imagine how long it took him to do this.

After this, we headed out to Veniero’s for pastries and stuff. There was no parking around tho, so we just got stuff to go. I forgot how much I love that place. Every time I suggest to go, plans either change or something comes up.

This was all the perfect trip to NY. Cheap food and good art. All this, and we actually got home before 1am. Paul and I stayed up playing video games and then us old timers got tired and went to bed. Yay for afternoon meetings. Paul’s meeting was at 1. I got a rough night’s sleep, but sleep nonetheless. Odd dreams kept waking me up and then I’d freak out when I woke up and wondered where I was. Doesn’t happen often but happened a lot that night.

So there was my good NY day trip. More than made up for the horrible one that happened at the beginning of the month? I just have to know who to go with to make it fun. Next time we’ll just leave Dave home.

“My Long Weekend” by Kara Glinnen

I guess any of you that would appreciate this already know everything about my Thurs-Sun afternoon things. No sense much of elaborating as there is not much to elaborate.

Simply put, it was an eventful weekend in NJ. When is it not? Gets more “interesting” each time I go. I found it ironic that normally CT is where all the interesting drama happens and this weekend I actually had to escape to CT to flee the drama.

Man, I really really really really x infinity hate NJ. The entire state should have giant boards nailed over it with a CONDEMNED sign hung over it. Auughhh. Everything smells bad. You pahk the cah and get out and just run to your indoor destination while holding your breath all the way there. Wasn’t even garbage day. I’d hate to smell it ON garbage day.

So now I’m at work and paying for the lack of sleep this weekend. Here is what I got for sleep. Thurs. night: 2:30am-6:30am, Fri. night: 1am-6:30am, Sat. night, 3:30am-6:30am. And the glutton for punishment I am went to Six Flags NJ on Sunday night and got home (away from home) at around 1:30ish I think and watched ASL stuff until I can’t remember when. Got up around 10ish and vented to poor Nancy for about an hour while she searched high and low for her knitting needles. (Paul, did she ever find them?) I’m happy to say with the no sleep I got, I was awake during the whole convention (I think). Easier to pay attention than the hearing conventions. I think then I’d have fallen asleep a long time ago.

And incidentally, the convention was amazing. Much better than last year as I can understand everything now. I can honestly say it was worth all the crap that I went through. That’s how good it was. If it weren’t for the convention, this could easily have ranked in the top 10 “Kill-me” weekends of my life. Also, thank you to Paul and fam for taking me out of NJ and into CT. You are so Moses.

After that, we did what we usually do in Hamden: We leave Hamden to go to a more interesting place. The agenda was to go to Hartford and get my bus ticket and then head out to Manchester where there’s a good variety of places to eat. Funny thing is we got lost the same way we did last time we tried to get from Hartford to Manchester, so everything looked wrongly familiar.

We finally found our way and noticed a new restaurant near the mall called Red Robin. DO NOT ever go to Red Robin. OK I guess I should be happy that I didn’t get food poisoning (yet) which would be worst case scenario. A couple things looked good on the menu. It was hard to decide, but I finally gave into my cravings of a “gourmet” BBQ burger. Now, when you think of the typical BBQ burger at your average grill restaurant (i.e. Applebees, TGIFridays, the 99, etc.), what do you think of? Dunno about you but I picture a burger just drenched in BBQ sauce that’s difficult to eat without getting it all over yourself. Add lettuce, tomato, cheese, etc. So here come the burgers. Where is the BBQ sauce? They must’ve gotten it wrong. But Kumal ordered the same thing as me and he got no sauce either. What’s up with that?!!? I guess that’s their definition of it? I say, “They so made this wrong!” Kumal: “Sad thing is, they made it right.” So both of us hate the place. We are not happy with the burger. Blah! I could’ve ordered the pasta like I wanted, but then again who knows how they could’ve screwed that up, too.

I made the bad choice of drinking with a completely empty stomach and half dead from the weekend. After the meal, I was dead. I actually slept on the bus and I can never manage to do that. I sat down and was out until we pulled into South Station.

Then I got home and stayed up until 3:30am ’cause I had just gone 4+ days without Internet and had to make up for lost time. Now I’m sitting at work and COMPLETELY vegetable-ized. 😛